Tableau is a software tool that can be used for data Analytics and visualization. It's key feature is that it is easy to be used even by non-developers (no sound programming skills required to use tableau). It's really easily to setup dashboards using tableau for better visualization. Tableau has amazing response time, as within few minutes it can easily evaluate huge amount of data. It is capable to create graphics and charts along with stunning dashboards. Tableau can be used to connect easily with different sources like databases, warehouses or even cubes.

Tableau software training can help you learn how to build interactive tableau dashboards besides gaining data visualization skills. The courses will also help you prepare for the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification exam. Learners will master various aspects of tableau and gain skills such as organizing data, building visualization including concepts of statistics, data connection and mapping. Followings are the 7 modules or areas of knowledge those are tested for Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam:

1 – Data Connections
2 – Organizing and Simplifying Data
3 – Fields and Chart Types
4 – Calculation
5 – Mapping
6 – Analytics
7 – Dashboards

In order to gain the real skills as a Tableau professional, one need to master above modules areas. These areas are also validated in Tableau Desktop Qualified Certification Exam as well. With respect to each above area or module, FREE quizzes are available online for validating your skills before taking real exam. As the number of students who fail in first attempt to Tableau Certification is too high, it's highly recommended to practice well online free Tableau quizzes as well as taking some professional practice exam to strengthen your skills and reduce chances of failure. presents a good aggregated list of Online Tableau Training Courses from world's top universities, Best Seller Tableau training short courses those are highest rated, along with FREE Tableau Quizzes and a complete Tableau Certification Practice Exam to validate your skills. 75 is desired score out of 100 to pass Tableau Certification. After each Tableau Quiz or Tableau Certification Practice Exam, Correct answers with complete solution are explained in steps that will definitely improve one's skills.

Some key features of the online tableau training & certification courses include instructor-led online training, one real-life industry project and two simulation exams to prepare you for the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification exam. Most of the courses in the list covering latest features i.e. using SQL UNION statement, radial map tool etc. There are many courses can be considered ideal for system & IT administrators, BI professionals and software developers.

These Tableau Training courses will enhance the skills in all areas taking from beginning to professional level as:
1. Creating different data connections and further combining them using data blending and joins
2. Organizing and Simplifying data by sorting, filtering, graphing, pivot and slicing etc.
3. Creating calculated fields with conditional logic
4. Understanding Statistical Metrics e.g. p-value and R-value
5. Seasonal variability, forecasting and predictions necessary for businesses.
and much more.

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