Having an affiliate marketing blog is a terrific way to make product offers while also having direct customer contact as well! Allowing people to freely browse your site and leave comments without spending one thin dime is a very effective way to encourage their return! Of course it's return visitors you want which gives you a chance to build a rapport and develop loyalty with these people! To make this all 'happen' however there are certain 'blogging' responsibilities you must embrace!

Without further ado here's the 3 main areas you MUST focus on when blogging to get return visitors to your site and additional sales for your affiliate business!


Consistency must be maintained in the following 3 areas if you expect to see a steady grow in both your followers and sales!

- content relevancy – stick to the theme of your platform!

- posting patterns – post when your schedule allows and stick to this schedule!

- product offers – like content any offers you make should be relevant to your readers interest!


- allow comments – this 'give and take' is what will allow you direct customer contact so do so!

- respond accordingly – if a comment 'begs' for a response than so accordingly!

- filter out irrelevant comments - these simply present a needless distraction to readers!


- products – as an affiliate you'll have many choices so choose wisely!

- writing ideas – to get return visitors you'll need to actively research for new ideas to write about!

- niche twitches – keep your eyes and ears open to any changes within the niche and its effects!

The 3 primary areas of focus you need to embrace to make your affiliate marketing blog a 'cash cow' are discussed above! No where else can you find the opportunity to have direct customer contact while casually making product offers at the same time! The 'come and go' atmosphere blogs project to people as well as freely dispensing useful information without cost or commitment entices many to return! Of course getting return visitors is the ultimate objective of most bloggers and a great way to make additional affiliate sales! It is vitally important to recognize and remember however that there are certain responsibilities you must assume when blogging, as reviewed above, to get these return visitors. The only possible challenge these 3 responsibilities may pose to you would be directed towards your level of your commitment and discipline!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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