Many do not understand that we are all gifted in a number of areas. It is if we choose to develop the gifts or not and if we choose to develop them to use them with understanding, responsibility and wisdom. As we develop our gifts and abilities we can further our expertise in different areas and levels. As we develop we have to also understand that one specific area will be your strongest, with others gifts/abilities being strong. It is important to develop all that you can, so you can be the best you can be.

We all have had insights, dreams, dream visions, and visions, throughout our life time. Some times people do not understand the difference between these and how important they are. By keeping a journal you have a record that can be looked at over and over for guidance and direction.

Let's start with defining what these terms mean. Insights are symbols, words, or thoughts that come to us suddenly to help us find meaning or a better understanding. Dreams are what we all have when we are sleeping whether we remember them or not. Dream Visions are forms of dreams that can be received at night or day time. These visions usually are shown like a piece of a puzzle, movie or moving picture and give you all the information. This information can be warnings of things about to happen to you or others, good visions about a pending job, or sale of something. Dream Visions are more accurate due to the mind being at rest and the subconscious mind is more open to receive these messages. And Visions can occur at any time or any where. Sometimes they can be like a movie where you get all the information, but many times they are like a puzzle with bits and pieces of information coming to you. Visions that come to you in the day time have much more difficulty reaching you due to the amount of normal activities and blockages that occur. Through exercise of these gifts and abilities it will fine tune them and your accuracy increases as well as your different psychic abilities.

As individuals we do not realize that once they begin to understand and study their dream visions, dreams and visions, that they have psychic connection behind them. We all have these gifts given to us. As we develop them, study them and learn their meaning they can help us in dealing with our everyday life. They can warn us of an upcoming health problem, car accident, job problem and much more.

Many such psychic visions or psychic dreams are connections to our past lives, our life reincarnated. The visions will confirm knowledge of such gifts and abilities from the past as well as how we developed them and used them for good or evil. It will let us know individuals coming into our lives can be past life connections good or bad. Deciphering the meaning and understanding of your dream, vision or insight is the key to your advancement, accuracy and abundance as well as your soul’s purpose in this life time.

Once you have developed and come to an understanding of your dream, dream vision, vision, or insight as well as the meanings or symbols you find that your psychic abilities develop even more and help you to develop astro projection, and lucid dreaming just to name a few.

It is always a wonderful feeling to find yourself flying in a dream or dream vision. This usually means you have reached a higher spiritual level then those around you. If they are chasing after you or trying to catch you while you are flying usually means that they are trying to keep you from reaching the higher level of Consciousness or feel threatened by your advancement.

Keeping a journal in all areas and as you start learning, studying and developing you will also find that you will be a channel for the Higher Consciousness whether it be, the Angels, Angel Guides, or other Entities of the Light. In Channeling you know which are the souls, spirits and angels or beings of the light. You feel deep, peace and love radiating within you. You find they assist, guide and direct you to things that are to help you in this life time.

Some religious beliefs disagree with channeling or such communication as works of the devil. Respect their beliefs, but also understand and expand your connections to the Higher Good, the Divine Essence. What we do not understand we fear. Fear is the greatest stumbling block to our spiritual advancement. Yes, we do have to be careful of other entities that are not of the light, but if you work and stay in the light; you are protected and loved deeply by the Divine Essence.

As each person studies and understands their dreams/dream visions/visions and insights, their symbols relating just to them as well as keeping a journal, they will begin to see a pattern. You will be able to decipher the meaning setting up your own vocabulary. It is important to learn the meaning behind the words in dreams with books that help define word meanings. but it is more important for each person to recognize what the word, symbol or meaning is and make up your own terms.

The best rule of thumb is how you feel after an insight, dream/dream vision/vision. If looking at others definition of these terms doesn’t seem to fit, write down the feeling you had and that will help you to further understand the meaning behind it.

It is important to remember your dreams/dream visions and visions by writing them down. If they come to you during the night, give yourself a command to remember the most important ones. It also helps to keep a pencil and paper by the bed to write down a couple of sentences of what the dream or vision was, as a means to help remember. Then the next morning you can write out a fuller account of the dream or vision with these few sentences triggering the memory of them.

Always date you insights, visions, dreams, and dream visions. If you ever have recurring ones, that usually is a warning for you to heed or for you to help someone else who is in need.

As you develop these gifts, you will find your instincts becoming fine tuned. It is important to set up boundaries and ward off other’s negativity, which becomes draining on you, by doing Centering and Grounding Techniques.

As you advance your gifts, you will not understand why you were ever afraid to look into the past; truly see your past and how it connects to your life and gifts today. Trust in them and the guidance of the Angels/Guides/God/Goddesses/All That Is or the Universe. You will find these gifts to be invaluable save your life and be a blessing.

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