What is psychic intuition? From the viewpoint of science, our minds have a conscious and a subconscious part, and the subconscious is the larger, data-gathering part. It is somewhat of a filter, presenting only relevant information to the conscious mind.

When dealing with a subject we are not entirely familiar with, the mind does its best to present relevant insight - that is intuition. If we can explain how we know what we know, then intuition is turned into knowledge (and vice versa).

Psychics use intuition to connect with the deeper side of reality. There is so much we don't know, and sometimes what we do know limits us from gaining new knowledge. Thus, developing your psychic intuition is a two-fold process: you have to prune invalid, irrelevant knowledge to have a clean mind, and tune in with the context of the information being sought.

Intuition is not some mystical process that just hits you out of the blue. It can be that too, but only as part of a process of preparation and self-development. As a psychic, you should know when to pursue and self-reflect on an insight and when to just trust yourself and use it in a particular situation.

Ultimately, developing your psychic intuition is an act of balance between knowing and not knowing - both are important aspects you should pay attention to. Don't be afraid to forget useless stuff, nor to learn anything new or interesting. Instead, work on establishing a deeper connection between the conscious and subconscious mind, and let your awareness float, rise and fall to the appropriate level.

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