Astrology is the study of celestial events in correlation to human fate. While some belief deeply in it, others’ faith remains shaky. Whichever camp you belong to, you have to admit that it is one of the most mysterious and enticing subjects in the modern world. Through astrology, success has been achieved, failures have been averted and fates have been changed. A means of intervening in the future and manipulating it to one’s benefit, astrology has helped people for centuries to have smooth sailing through life. Indian astrologers in the UK have been some of the supervisors in practicing astrology overseas. Gifted and skillful, these astrologers have helped turn people’s fate and bring good luck into their lives.

Astrology through Ancient Cultures

The roots of astrology are as ancient as it gets. The pseudoscience was developed in the early civilizations of the Babylonians and Mesopotamians. It is the Babylonians who are said to be the proponents of astrology. But back in the days, astrology was not a tool engineered to change the fates of people. It was a design to predict, weather, seasons, and such things. The reference used to make these predictions was celestial positions and events. Therefore, in the first 2000 years, it was a combination of astrology and astronomy. With the passage of time, the craft of astrology become more streamlined and accurate. The early Greeks were introduced to it in the 4th century BC. Some of the Greek scholars who are known as historical figures today like Plato and Aristotle bore the torch for astrology. Within just a few decades of practice, it came to be regarded as a branch of science. In ancient Greece, the philosophers and men of eminence had a huge role to play in popularizing astrology as a dependable form of science among the masses.

The Romans took it from them, and it with them that the famous zodiacs were born. The Romans were so amazed by this pseudoscience that they decided to add their two cents to the study of the stars and seasons. They gave astrology the zodiacs as we know it. They came up with zodiacs for every birth month and based on the characteristic traits of the people born in those months, the zodiacs were characterized. The Romans passed astrology on to the Arabs and it from the Arabs that it spread to the rest of the world.

Astrology in the Modern World

Astrology as we know it today has changed a bit from its earliest forms. Astrologers over the centuries have found ways to wield its power to change life events on earth. Today, it is used to alter one’s course of life. Through astrology, a practitioner can promise startling results. A lost love spell caster in London is known to bring back estranged partners together. That is a miracle achievable only through astrology. Astrology in modern times is also used to remove bad spells. Black magic removal in London is a highly sought-after service at astrologers through which victims of evil spells can find respite. Obeah, djinn, black magic, and such dark crafts can be lifted through astrology. Although not any astrologer can do this, there are some with specific gifts for removing black magic who are specially entrusted with this job.
Aside from this, modern astrologers are also capable of reading tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves, and such things. Psychic reading is an important part of the services they offer. Through a psychic reading, today an astrologer can delve deep into the minds of his or her subject and divine the problems that are causing them trouble.

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