The importance of pelvic floor exercises for overall health have been well documented. The pelvic floor muscles provide essential support for your internal organs. They also assist with the vital bodily functions such as the digestive and sexual systems.

Just like any other muscles the pelvic floor area can become weak over time without the proper exercise. This means they can stop providing support and assistance for your natural functions. This can results in a number of problems including incontinence and constipation.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

The good news is that it is actually very easy to make sure your pelvic floor muscles stay toned and healthy. Just a few basic pelvic floor exercises every day can make a dramatic difference to the strength and function of this muscle group.

Pelvic floor exercises are also known as Kegel exercises. This name comes from the doctor who first advocated the use of these exercises for overall health, particularly in pregnant and post-childbirth women. By doing pelvic floor exercises women can significantly reduce some of the problems associated with the stresses of child birth which appear later in life (such as incontinence and prolapse).

Pelvic Floor Exercise Devices

One of the issues with pelvic floor exercises is that it can be difficult to tell if you are doing them correctly. Although these exercises are easy there are a number of muscle groups located in the same area. Many people mistakenly exercise their stomach and thigh muscles instead of targeting their pelvic floor area.

There are a number of devices available that can help you to improve your pelvic floor exercises and make sure every session counts. This can include:

- Toning Aids – these are designed for women and fit inside the vagina. You will then be able to focus on using the toning devices to target the pelvic floor muscles accurately for intense exercise.

- EMS Devices – EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. These devices can be used to target key muscle groups. You can buy devices designed specifically for the pelvic floor area. They emit tiny electrical pulses that will contract and relax muscles in an exercise pattern. This is not painful and you will only experience a slight tingling sensation as the device is working to tone your muscles.

Regular Routines

Whether you carry out your pelvic floor exercises with exercise aids or not it is important you set up a regular routine. These exercises are most effective when carried out little and often. It is recommended you try and do a short routine of 10 minutes of pelvic floor exercises every day. This will provide a constant toning effect to keep your pelvic floor area toned and healthy. People of all ages can benefit from pelvic floor exercises.

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Everyone should consider adding a regular routine of pelvic floor exercises to their fitness plan. These exercises can significantly benefit health and help to prevent problems like incontinence.