Days are meant to play and nights are meant to sleep. Then, when should one study? Well, with the rising competition and the race to score more, late night sleeps have been replaced with late night studies. That is why study lamps have become essential to light the nook.

And when it comes to bringing home a study table lamp, then why not get the one that goes completely with the decor of the entire home. Our homes are inspired mostly with what we love and admire the most. Therefore, below are some of the ideals of study lamps as per various themes.

Traditional Theme
When you think of a traditional theme of a study table lamp, you can clearly picture out the insights of the 1953 Devdas and 2005 Parineeta. What can depict more beauty of the traditional theme than the Bollywood nobles like these?
This is what traditional themes of study lamps hold. The iconic lamp shade like the torso of the bottle and hues of black and golden can picture traditional study lamps the best.

Modern from the Mid-Century
The mid-century era clearly stands for the delicate darlings. The style statements for this era stands for a flow of natural appeal and minimalism. That is why reading lamps need not necessarily be a heavy or a bulky one that cannot be picked. But some delicate piece of light and the lavish reading lamps are enough. This is the true epitome of style from the mid-century.

Take to Tiffany
Tiffany study lamps are inspired by the time when there used to be old wooden windows and books and readings of Rabindranath Tagore were a trailblazer. This is what that clearly shows the image of what study table lamps must be. These lamps are carved with lamp shades in pieces of glasses. These glass pieces are of many varied colors such as yellow, red and green. These lamps look extremely astounding since then, till now, to boost the appeal of a casual study to a captivating one.

Contemporary Captivation
Contemporary forms of study lamps stand by a stamp on the study that is bold enough. This thematic appeal is considered to be the best table lamp for study. It abides by an appeal that is so neutral and divine. The subtle colors and some clear cut design with less carving and a lamp head with geometric shape complete the appeal of the contemporary. The shape can be a sleek rectangle or a carved hemisphere. Each shape can compliment the study astonishingly and turn out to be a beautiful study table lamp.

Goose Necks
Goose neck study lamps are loose and light in weight and are like a perfect prop to fit in the abode of the present day. This study lamp is a clear diagram with a dial in the bottom, lamp on the top and the metal coil is the broker between. The metal coil gives complete liberty to rotate round and play well with the height.

Industrial Insights
Industrial furniture is not really a good choice for the commoners as it is forged with too premium quality to be dropped in the kid’s room. But if it is an office desk, then industrial study lamps can work extremely well. Cast irons and exposed light bulbs are what that stands to an extent for industrial study table lamps. And these are, therefore, heavy and hypnotizing to the office look.

Study lamps are a necessity as well as a tick to how lavish one can make the study. The various themes and ideas of the trailblazers for study table lamps have given a big and wide catalogue to search from. Whether it be a home of 1997 or a recent 2019, study lamps are forged to fascinate every theme of the abode.

You can search for study table lamp online to explore every distinct type and style of study lamps for every home.

So, flip through to explore the one meant for your home with varieties of study lamps.

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