The changing time has blessed human beings with new age technologies and luxuries and has given us more insight to the different types of medical problems that were not discovered or explored before. Diabetes is one of the known medical problems that is affecting many people all round the globe.

Diabetes is a chronic disease and it affects the body health as a diabetic body fails to maintain the blood sugar level. The imbalance of insulin hormone in the body leads to the diabetes related problem. Today the science and related bio-medical technology has uncovered the details related to this disease. Starting from the types of diabetes;there are basically three major types of diabetes,namely Type 1 Diabetes,Type 2 Diabetes,and Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes changes the life of a patient as it hinders their normal healthy lifestyle.

Type 1 Diabetes : This diabetes type can affect a person at any age but is more prevalent in the children and young adults. In this type of disease the body stops to produce insulin in body,making it insulin deficient. So the Type 1 diabetic patients are needed to take the insulin shots everyday.

Type 2 Diabetes : This type of diabetes is well known as either the non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or adult onset diabetes mellitus. It is the most common form of diabetes that affects major diabetic patients. In this type the pancreas get over active and produce more than needed insulin. In this type of diabetes patient should take care of their diet and should go for healthy meal. In many cases the type 2 patients do gain weight and also get obese so proper diabetes diet plan is important to follow.

Gestational Diabetes : In this type of diabetes the blood sugar level increases in the pregnancy state of a pregnant woman. This diabetes develops during the gestation period and can affect the growing fetus. This type of diabetic problem do not show any symptoms so pregnant women need to go for the gestation diabetes test to make sure the child and the mother are safe. Expecting ladies are asked to get their diabetes test done before their 13th week of pregnancy,so that needed measures could be taken to keep the mother and baby safe from any kind of problem related to the gestational diabetes. The ladies with gestational diabetes should follow the diabetes diet plan to prevent any kind of further complications.

With the increased medical facilities and advanced technology the diabetes is now easy to control and live a healthy lifestyle with that. Some of the main factors that should be kept in mind is that diet in diabetes should be strictly followed and proper medical support should be taken with full sincerity.

Many home remedies for diabetes are also available and could be followed side by side as they are harmless and have no side effects. Whatever be the problem you face in life one should always have a optimistic attitude and the family support is one of the basic needs that any patient needs most during their treatment.

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