Diabetes does not come alone and generally brings many other health complications and diseases with it. Once a patient is in a pre diabetes stage, he or she could prevent diabetes by making life style changes, diet changes, exercise and other ways to stop development of Diabetes through maintenance of blood sugar level. But once a patient develops Diabetes is not reversible. Due to high blood sugar level in blood in diabetic patients risk of developing other health complications increases. Diabetes is a disease in which there is hormone imbalance and changes in blood vessels and nerves. As these effects lead to advancement and become permanent, other health complications also arise.

Health Complications Arising Due To Diabetes

Prolonged Diabetes or high sugar level in blood could lead to many health complications. Some of them are listed below.

Kidney Problems- High glucose level in body could lead to impaired kidney function. Symptoms of diabetic kidney problem are swelling (edema) in the feet and legs. Slowly swelling spreads to whole body. It leads to high blood pressure too. These kidney problems may even lead to kidney failure.

Nervous Disorders- If a patient has prolonged high glucose level, it could also affect nervous system. Patients may feel tingling, burning, numbness, tightness, shooting or stabbing pain various parts of body especially in the hands and feet. These symptoms heighten at night.

Skin Problems- Diabetic patients are more prone to skin infections and have a very slow rate of wound healing. This may cause many skin problems.

Heart Diseases- High sugar level could cause Chest pain or angina. It may lead to heart ailments including heart attack and strokes. Other symptoms may include breathing trouble, dizziness, headache, shoulder or stomach pain and fast heartbeat.

Bone and Joint Disorders- A persistent high glucose level could start affecting bones and joints also and patients may have joint pain and other related problems.

Digestive Problems- Prolonged Diabetes could lead automatic neuropathy. Nerves controlling internal organs also get damaged and could cause digestive problems too.

Sexual Dysfunction- Diabetes could also lead to sexual problems. Patients may experience loss of sexual interest or erectile dysfunction. There may be other sex related problems too.

Problems with your teeth and gums- High sugar level could lead to bleeding gums, pain in teeth and other teeth and gum related problems.

Bladder Control Problem- Diabetes could lead to frequent urination as body tries to dispose excess glucose through urine. This may lead to loss of bladder control or other urological problems.

Diabetic Retinopathy- Diabetes could lead to pain in the eyes and alteration in vision. It could also lead to blindness.

Hypoglycemia- Hypoglycemia is a state when blood sugar level is abnormally low. It occurs due to different diabetic treatments. It is rare in other patients. It makes patient feel agitation, sweating, weakness and other such symptoms. Some patients could even faint or may suffer from coma, seizure or brain damage in case of extremely low blood sugar.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis - It is a chronic complication arising from Diabetes. It is caused due to low insulin levels. Due to low insulin level liver starts using ketone for metabolic activities. It becomes chronic if it persists. Patient with this complication becomes dehydrated and breathes rapidly and deeply. They suffer from abdominal pain and hypotension.

Hyperglycemia- A patient with high glucose level may suffer from hyperglycemia and kidneys start excreting glucose through urine. This leads to dehydration and increased osmolarity in blood.

Respiratory infections- Diabetes weakens immune system and affects blood vessels too. It could lead to lung function and may cause respiratory infection.

Frequent Infections- Due to high glucose level immune system of the body become weak. It exposes patients to infections and they may easily catch any infection and healing rate becomes also slow. This could make patients generally ill.

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