The information on these wellness problems is presented in a Excellent Information - Bad Information scenario. We will take a look at the cause and impact of creating kind two diabetes. The Bad Information is that the consequences of this situation are harmful.

The Excellent Information is there is something you can do about it. Not only can it be prevented and managed, but it can even be changed in most situations. The Excellent Information is that you are in management of your thoughts options that can provide you with the wellness you desire.

There has been a 500% increase in Type 2 Being suffering from diabetes in the last generation with the cause being Blood insulin Level of resistance in over 90% of these situations. In the United States we are experiencing an Epidemic of Type 2 Being suffering from diabetes.

In 2004 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) made a forecast that kids in the US, born after 2000, would have a 30% chance of creating Being suffering from diabetes during their lifetime.

The chance of becoming suffering from diabetes increases to 50% in kids that happened to be Black, Hispanic or Native American. This trend will cause a catastrophic impact on our wellness and on our healthcare system. To illustrate this point one has to take into consideration the consequences on an individual's wellness because of creating Type 2 Being suffering from diabetes.

Type 2 Being suffering from diabetes is the Leading Cause of:

* Mature blindness
* Amputations
* Kidney Failure
* Neuropathy - nerve damage in the extremities
* Cardiovascular disease
* Early death

Is prevention or even reversal of Being suffering from diabetes possible? People who create diabetes have a 90% chance of creating kind two diabetes or adult-onset diabetes. This does not happen overnight, actually it takes decades for this situation to create.

Due to inadequate lifestyle choices: improper dietary habits, lack of fitness and inadequate nourishment, we become less and less sensitive to our own insulin. Next we create Blood insulin Level of resistance which in turn develops into Being suffering from diabetes and if left uncontrolled will become Type 2 Being suffering from diabetes.

In reality, 90% of the individuals that create Type 2 Being suffering from diabetes did so because they had a life-style that triggered them to become Blood insulin Resistant. The results of this progression is harmful to our wellness and will hasten several degenerative diseases, destroy our total well being and will outcome in premature loss of life. That is the BAD NEWS, now for the GOOD NEWS.

It is worth noting that Type 2 Being suffering from diabetes is also the most avoidable of any kind of diabetes. Not only is it avoidable but it can be normally managed and even changed. More Excellent Information is that the approach to life options that triggered this situation to occur, can be changed and the body will respond normally to your new changes in lifestyle.

More Excellent Information is that this harmful procedure is reversible at just about any stage in this procedure, even if the individual is already suffering from diabetes.

My source for the information on the Triad of a Healthier Life is Dr. Ray Strand:

1. Heathy consuming (diet) - not a starvation eating plan but healthy consuming options,
2. Modest and consistent fitness,
3. Nutritional Supplements - what is referred to as Cellular Nutrition.

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