Diabetes is known as a silent killer. Diabetes gives no symptoms but its complications strike like a sledge hammer and only when it’s too late. Diabetes is unfortunately not curable like common cold or other trivial diseases, which are rather painful and give a lot of discomfort to the patient forcing him or her to visit the doctor. But Diabetes can definitely be managed. Treatment of Diabetes is not as difficult as that of some disease like Cancer, or Major Surgical illnesses, but is usually within the reach of most the Diabetes patients. It is very important that persons suffering from Diabetes, understand what is Diabetes, then only they would understand the importance of Diet in Diabetes and Changes in Lifestyle.

Most Diabetes doctors in Delhi, including Dr Rajesh Kesari stress the importance of lifestyle management in treatment of Diabetes. Diabetologist in Delhi agree that one of the foremost reasons of Uncontrolled Diabetes is patient’s non adherence to the prescribed diabetic diet. All Delhites are fond of food, which is usually fried and rich in calories, this is one of the important reasons of high prevalence of Diabetes in Delhi and North Indian States, our diabetes patients are also fond of this food and are unable to restrain themselves. Occassional deviation from Diabetic Diet may not be too harmful as long as it is compensated with cutting down on something else, e.g. if a Diabetic person has to attend a party and wishes to take a piece of cake or sweet, it would be advisable to cut down ½ a chapatti or ½ bowl of rice. Dr Rajesh Kesari- one of the leading Diabetologist in Delhi always includes Diet counseling as a part of all the Consultations and Education Programs he conducts with Diabetic patients. Quantity and Quality of food both play important role in Diabetic Diet. Moderation in quantity of the right ingredients would form the basis of a good diabetic diet. It is important to choose food items with llow glycemic index such as green leafy vegetables, foods rich in fibres, fruits, Oats, Whole grains, whole pulses. Even sweet fruits in moderate quantity may be consumed by Diabetics- the sweetness of fruits is mainly due to fructose which is much sweeter ( almost 1.5 times ) than Sucrose which is present in the table sugar, hence the calories are reduced but the fibre present in foods is added.

The other important factor which plays a tremendous role in Controlling Diabetes is the level of physical activity. Diabetics should try to be always physically active. Regular Exercise is an important part of Diabetes Treatment as suggested by Dr Rajesh Kesari Diabetologist in Delhi. Daily exercise increases the body’s response to the Insulin being produced in the body itself, the same effect in produced by some medicines like Metformin and Pioglitazones – these are called Insulin Sensitizers. Diabetes doctors in Delhi also stress the need to exercise regularly- because it works like a medicine in treatment of Diabetes. The effect of exercise on Diabetes wanes of after a period of approx. 24 hours, just like those of medicines.

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Dr Rajesh Kesari has set up a Dedicated Diabetes Care Centre and is the chiefDiabetologists in Delhi has seen a spurt in number of Diabetics but the required infrastructure for treatment of Diabetes is lacking. Himself being a Diabetologist in Delhi Dr Kesari has developed this centre to provide complete treatment of Diabetes under one roof.