We do a lot on the Internet including social networking, finding information about goods and services, using services related to travel and accommodation, Internet banking, reading or downloading online news, newspapers or magazines, seeking information about health, education, training or courses, downloading software (other than games software), looking for a job or sending a job application, making video calls (via webcam) and so on. Have you ever imagined had there been no Internet or browser, how things would go, will it be feasible for us to live without it. Forget answering; rather imagine a day, when the Internet connection had blocked due to technical fault or any other reasons. Penetration of the Internet in society has given rise to he popularity of a software application i.e. browser, which otherwise had remained of no use.

Browser, the gateway to the World Wide Web, and means of connectivity, communication and collaboration is field of interest for many software developing companies including Microsoft, Mozilla.org, Apple, Opera, Google and more. Discussing browser problems and solutions for all at one go is difficult so let us confined ourselves with the Google Chrome, a browser which preceded the leading Microsoft Internet Explorer, in terms of worldwide usage share with 27 percent, as of June 2012, Wikimedia. Though, till time it could not become a preferred choice for smartphones’ manufacturers. Let’s diagnose and fix a few of the Chrome crashing issues in a quick and easy manner following the recommendation of Google Chrome Help desk.

The moment you encountered a crashing issue, send report to the Google Chrome Support, and let the portal take care of the issues. The browser crashes with errors that may read "Aw, Snap!", “He’s Dead, Jim!”, "The following plug-in has crashed...", "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed” or liked messages. When the browser crashes, a dialog displays asking if you want to send a report about the problem. The report includes technical details of the crash, and any relevant comments you wish to include. For a workaround, click on the Google Chrome shortcut, in Target field add “–no-sandbox” or “–in-process-plugins”, and click “Apply” and try starting Chrome again.

Don’t getting the expected results? Now, you are supposed to do something extra. Check your anti-virus and firewall applications. At times, the Internet connectivity suffers due to inappropriate settings of the antivirus or Internet security software. Turn the software off temporarily, and then try opening Google Chrome again. If it’s Ok, then you need to add the Google Chrome browser in the exception list of the security software. Modifying the browser settings, can help too. Check browser extensions and try disabling that one by one to see if a particular extension is causing the problem. You can do it easily with the wrench icon available with the toolbar. Check for malware using the installed security product or any online virus or malware removal tool. If the discussed message continues, user profile may be corrupted, and you need to create a new one.

Not lucky enough to find a breakthrough? If yes, then don’t worry, you can receive end-to-end Chrome Support from experts via the secure Internet connection or phone to diagnose and fix those stubborn problems.

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Adbul Sarif administers the Google Chrome Help desk at Techvedic. In leisure, he writes articles for Google Chrome Support in order to help end-users to fix Chrome problems. Most of the article directories have approved his Chrome Support articles and recognized him with premium membership.