Have you just heard that you have breast cancer? That message is undoubtedly a big shock for you. Your world is turned upside down at once and you have a lot of questions and concerns. Do you want a second opinion? Help with the choice of a hospital? Just want to know more about this disease? Read how you can help yourself.

The info on these pages is general. Your doctor or specialists at cancer Center can inform you best about your specific situation.

What is breast cancer?
Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in and around the breast tissues. One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer. Mainly, this type of cancer occurs in women between the ages of 50 and 70 but can also occur at other ages. Men can also get breast cancer but the ratio is too low. Only 3% of people with breast cancer are male. Every year in the America, breast cancer is diagnosed in approximately 14,000 people.

How can breast cancer develop?
The body is made up of cells that together form different tissues. New cells must always be created. This is necessary to grow and to replace dead, damaged or obsolete cells. This is done by cell division. Cells can be irreparably damaged in the course of time by exposure to all kinds of harmful influences. As a result, cell division can be disrupted. Too much cell division affects the balance between cell growth and cell death. Too many cells are made, causing a tumor.

Treating breast cancer
The treatment of breast cancer is an intensive period for you and your environment. Did you know that special care can also be arranged for this in some cases? And maybe the care advisor or cancer care specialists at Sheba Medical Center can help you with extra information. The Sheba Medical Center is always at your service.

What treatment options are there?
Various types of treatments are available for breast cancer. Examples are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone treatment. Doctors at Sheba Cancer Center often opt for a combination of treatments.

Take the time to inform you well
Specialists at Sheba Cancer Center will prepare an individual treatment plan for you. Take the time to read the information provided. You can also obtain additional information, for example via the internet at shebaonline.com.

Choose your own hospital
Most people follow the GP's advice when choosing a hospital. But this is not the only option to go with. That choice has not been made yet or do you want to know how a hospital scores in terms of waiting time or patient assessment? Then make your choice via investigating yourself. There is a lot of information on the internet about the treatment of breast cancer and special cancer treatment centers in Israel. Just a little research will provide you a good and reliable information in any case:

Why Sheba Medical Center Israel
The Sheba Medical Center is a top clinical training hospital that distinguishes itself with a wide range of excellent specialist medical care and a number of areas of expertise. Sheba Medical Center provide our care in a hospitable environment and work closely with GPs and other healthcare providers in the chain: together they go for the best care. The care processes at Sheba Medical Center are organized efficiently, with the care demand of the patient as a starting point. People from all over the world come to the Sheba cancer Center for their best care treatments. Not only because of the personal attention, but especially because they are leading in the field of technology, knowledge and training.

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