Jewelry is used for the personal adornment. Peoples are using jewelry from ancient times. Jewelry is always a great fantasy for women as well as for many men. In Ancient times, the Kings and Queens usually used jewelry to show their status. The Kings and Queens used very heavy jewelry with long necklaces and e-rings. There various materials available for the manufacture of jewelry are gold, diamond, silver and other metals. The most expensive jewelry is diamond jewelry. Ordinary people can not make any difference between the real diamond and fake diamond. The diamond is mostly used for the engagement rings and weeding rings. Mostly people choose diamond for the wedding ring or engagement ring because of its great value. Rich peoples can afford the diamonds. Diamond is not available from every gold jewelry shop. You can buy diamond from some specific shops. Few of the jewelers used to do only diamond business. Diamonds are available in many shapes. The shapes of diamonds are oval, round, princess, asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, pear, radiant and marquise. The diamond is the status symbol of high status and richness. The diamond jewelry is also embellishing with gemstones which gives a beautiful look. The diamond is usually inserted in white gold jewelry.

The diamond pendants are also very famous among people. The price of diamond is not fixed. The price varies from the quality of diamond to the diamond. Diamond bracelets and earrings are also very beautiful and expensive. The diamond which is found in India is most beautiful diamond. The koh-I- Noor diamond is the most expensive diamond in the word. he size of Koh-I-Noor is 21.6 grams. The Koh-I-Noor was originated in the Indian state Andhra Pardesh. This Koh-I-Noor diamond is the property of British crown. The price of Koh-I-Noor is un estimated. You can say it priceless. The second most expensive diamond is sancy diamond. It is also price less diamond. The weight of Sancy diamond is 11.05 grams. It was also originated in India. The sancy diamond is now in the French Crown Jewel Collection housed at the Louver. The third most expensive diamond is the Cullinan. The weight of Culinan diamond is about 621.35 grams. The diamond has rough gem quality and before polishing it becomes cullinan 1 and the weight less to 106.0 grams. The price of this diamond is $400 millions. The fourth most beautiful and expensive diamond is the Hope diamond. The price of hope diamond is $350 millions. The diamond has beautiful blue color. The weight of the hope diamond is about 9.10 grams. The hope diamond is now kept in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history in Washington DC. The fifth most expensive diamond in the word is De Beers Centenary Diamond.

De Beers Centenary Diamond is colorless and it is also internally and externally flawless. The weight of this diamond is about 54.77 grams. The price of De Beers Centenary Diamond is about $100 million. The sixth most expensive and beautiful diamond is the Steinmetz Pink. The size of Steinmetz is consists of 11.92 grams. It is more famous diamond because of its fancy vibrant pink color. The price of Steinmetz diamond is about $25 millions. The seventh most expensive diamond is Wittelsbach Diamond. It is also known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher. The weight of this diamond is about 7.11 grams. The Wittelsbach diamond is 40 mm in diameter and 8.29 mm in depth. The color and clarity of Wittelsbach diamond is compared to the Hope diamond. The price of Wittelsbach is about $16.4 millions. The eight most expensive and popular diamond is The Heart of Eternity. The size of this diamond is about 5.528 grams. The color of this diamond is fancy vivid blue. The price of this diamond is $16 millions. The ninth most expensive diamond is the Moussaieff Red Diamond with the price $7 million. The tenth most expensive diamond is the Allnatt Diamond with a price $3 millions.

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