Actuality of problem and its Description
PCOS is an acronym which stands for Polycystic ovarian Syndrome. If we try to split up the acronym the Poly stands for many, Cystic stands for the collection of fluid, which is surrounded by a small membrane. The ovarian stands for ovary which is the female reproductive organ responsible for producing the ova (egg). When the ova comes in contact with the sperm, the formation of zygote occurs. The zygote then transforms into an embryo ultimately turning into a fetus. In Polycystic ovarian syndrome because of the presence of a number of very small cysts, the entire ovary gets occupied and the destruction of the ovarian follicles occurs. The ovarian follicle produces the eggs and estrogen (female hormone). It should also be noted that a female has a fixed number of ovarian follicles, which is decided at the time of birth. The destruction of the ovarian follicles due to the cyst cause damage to the ovarian follicles.
In addition, there is an increase in other hormones like androgen. Androgen is a hormone which is responsible for producing the male characteristics. Though it is seen in a lady in a small amount, the excessive amount of this hormone leads to the development of hair and male voice. This is the reason for the development of acne, the growth of hair in the face and the stoppage of producing ovum seen in a PCOS patient. This stoppage of the production of ovum is responsible for the infertility seen in PCOS patient. There is also a state of insulin resistance, which is being produced (Insulin is a hormone which is responsible for the maintenance of blood sugar level, if there is any imbalance in the functioning of this hormone, it leads to diabetes). The presence of PCOS increases the chances getting diabetes. The other symptoms seen in this disease include irregular periods and weight gain the female. The female suffering from disease often gets suffers from depression.
The reason for developing PCOS is not fully understood and the genetic reason is postulated. Any disease, if it is genetically transferred then there occurs, increase in the chance of getting the disease from the ancestors in your family. The main treatment for this disease include reducing the weight by means of increasing exercise and adopting healthy food habits. In addition to this drug like Diane 35 helps in reducing the symptoms and also helps in decreasing the bleeding irregularities seen during menstruation in female suffering from this disease.

Why is Diane 35 good for that problem?
Diane-35 is made by Bayer Schering Pharmaceuticals, which is one of the renowned pharmaceutical companies of the world. The active Pharmaceutical ingredient in the drug is cyproterone acetate in a weight of 2mg and ethinyl estradiol in a weight of 0.035 mg. The cyproterone acetate is a form of progesterone and ethinyl estradiol is nothing but estrogen. This drug increases the concentration of estrogen and progesterone and helps in streamlining the bleeding irregularities seen in females. The loss of blood is responsible for the development of anemia in case of females. The drug decreases the acne which is seen in the patients. The drug is also marketed as effective contraceptive agent to be used as a birth control measure. This effect might not be relevant in the case of PCOS.
What is Diane 35 and how it resolves the problem?
The cyproterone acetate, helps in reducing the formation of acne and excessive hair in the face This is achieved by decreasing the concentration of active androgen, The androgen (testosterone) gets converted into the active form in the peripheral parts like skin. This conversion is blocked by Diane 35.The female suffering from PCOS can get pregnant and Diane 35 helps in preventing unwanted pregnancy. In addition to this, the presence of estrogen and progesterone helps in decreasing the menstrual irregularities.
Conclusion (Treatment results)?
After taking Diane 35, which usually consists of 21 pills along with 7 placebo pills, the female suffering from PCOS will definitely have a decrease in the symptoms. Please take Diane 35 at the same time everyday and follow the dates given on the tablet.

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