Dianetics is the science of the mind that goes over how your mind effects your life and your body in a negative way.

It goes over why it is you hold back yourself and restrain yourself thus causing depression, uncontrollable rage and fear of the unknown.

Your mind is the thing that holds you back more than anyone or anything else. If you were free from your own mind you would have unlimited firepower and energy to reach your goals.

Dianetics goes over how past painful experiences can come and effect you now in the present under similar environmental stimuli you had in the past.

It is similar to bleeding brakes on a vehicle. You build up the pressure and tap into it thus letting it out permanently, leaving you with only a memory and none of the controlling emotions associated with that memory.

It is easy to learn (about 3-6 hours training), inexpensive to do and has been known as an effective tool in handling the mind since 1950.

The website is www.dianetics.org and we also have Hubbard Dianetics Foundations located all over the world and each one is equipped with a public information center. You do not need an appointment to come in and check it out or get your questions answered.

You can also find Dianetics in any major bookstore.

You are more than welcome to e-mail me with any further questions.

Author's Bio: 

Brandon Williams has worked for the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation and Church of Scientology for several years. He has worked all over the USA helping people using Dianetics. He is a professional Dianetics Auditor and has delivered over 500 hours of personal therapy to people both in the field as well as in the Foundation.