Is it possible that Nostradamus predicted several 2012 Doomsday scenarios hundreds of years ago? While this famous genius is credited with a number of prophetic statements that have appeared to be ‘right on track' there are other individuals and other cultures that have also predicted that 2012 will be a year filled with unimaginable changes.

In Egypt, thousands of years ago, one large celestial object was given the name ‘Planet of a Million Years'. It was said that that this object would reappear over the Earth a number of times, but each of these sightings would be separated by thousands of years.

This great inventor/mathematician also wrote about this comet/planet. He predicted that it would pass near the Earth and bring devastation to the world. He also predicted that Mars would be reigning happily at this time. Of course Mars is the god of War and would be happy only if there were armed conflicts breaking out in all countries.

The date for these events to begin, according to Nostradamus's predictions, would be shortly after the dawn of 1999. It is clearly obvious that wars, terrorism and conflicts have risen dramatically since 1999. North Korea; war in the Middle East; Israeli-Palestine conflicts; the Serbian War; 9/11 and the destruction of the World Trade Centers have held the interest of the world during the past 12 years.

The famous Quatrains he wrote discuss the famines and destruction that will be created by the appearance of the passing comet. He appears to be convinced that China will also become involved in a major war. As most people know China has already sent soldiers to the Tibetan region and has threatened Taiwan in the past.

Other verses describe the path of the comet as approaching from the southern hemisphere and then moving toward the northern regions. While it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what the author meant by his words most people do agree that the scenarios written so long ago appear to be warning of a terrifying future for the inhabitants of Earth.

While there is certainly no definitive date for the appearance of the predicted comet/planet, this event has now been linked with the abrupt end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. Yet there are others who do not feel these events are linked by anything more than mere coincidence.

Regardless of the controversy no one can deny that both Nostradamus and the ancient Mayan astrologers have correctly predicted many of the events that would take place in the distant future. Next year may well be the last days for Earth, or it could be the dawn of a New Age for mankind.

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