Fans are wondering about the query did Rachael Ray gain weight recently. Yeah! Your favorite morning chef host of Food Network’s 30 Minute Meals is looking so much fatty. She was noticed by media person when she was walking through the NYC for a morning walk. Rachael gone round and more then she desired. Her journey from a slim trim body shape to a rounded body curves is all because of a disease she is suffering sine last six months. Here we are telling you all reasons behind Rachael Ray weight gain but after a short passage on her life career and work. You must stay in tune and keep on reading this article where we are talking about did Rachael Ray gain weight recently is true or not.

Rachael Domenica Ray is an American reality TV host and a business women. She is much famous with her performance on the Food Network series “30 Minute Meals”. Besides this, she also have done a great work in her daytime TV talk show Rachael Ray, she has also done great work in Rachael’s vacation premiered on the Food Network. She married to John M. Cusimano on 24th September 2005 but since then to now the couple do not have any child. According to Rachael is suffering from a medical issue due to which they do not having any child.

Now let’s begin talk about what happened to Rachael Ray weight gain. Rachael Ray has become a fatty over six months but she is not shay to disclose herself. Recently, she has released her medical report which told her the real reason behind her weight gain. She told that she is actually suffering from night sweats and migraines associated with menopause. She said about this disease

“I have been visiting many specialists and psychiatrists to get rid of the Menopause but the disease is still as it as.”

Ray added…

“Now I am trying a homeopathic approach so I could control the weight gain”

An insider told to mail online, that Rachael Ray is also following a low fat diet plan in order to control the frequently increasing body fats. She has stopped taking chicken, meat, and cheese and all other high fat foods. She is having a regular morning walk, hard exercises and lots more to cover up with her regular weight gain.

Here I would like to add that although her current body weight is 264lbs but she is active with her body work. She can walk, run, eat whatever she wants, she can go where she wants and even she can jump without any chronic pain. She is just trying to overcome the fats of her body and Rachael Ray Weight Loss soon we are hoping that she will get a perfect body measurements as she wants and deserves to be.

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Rachael Ray gaining weight these days but soon you see her in a good body shape as it is before.