It was rainy in the Center East very last summer time. Like, super rainy, that is unusual for any desert. A company called Meteo Techniques is boasting that they caused all that rain, utilizing a technique climate management technique depending on technological innovation first developed by Nikola Tesla in 1890.

While it is really all pretty hush-hush, the way in which Meteo Methods' rain development tech apparently performs is by employing arrays of up to twenty 30-foot metallic towers shaped kinda like umbrellas to fireplace negatively charged ions into your atmosphere once the humidity will get over 30%. Supposedly, these ions attract dust particles, which themselves attract h2o molecules, after which poof, you have clouds and rain. Utilizing five distinct web-sites located close to Abu Dhabi, Meteo Methods is getting credit ratings for 52 rainstorms that occurred inside the place throughout July and August of final calendar year.

So what do the specialists feel?

"As considerably as I'm concerned I really don't feel these claims," said Roelof Bruintjes, who heads the Nationwide Center for Atmospheric Research's worldwide climate modification applications. "There's no scientific basis for this; the physics won't help it."

"That's garbage, which is absolute garbage," Joseph Golden, a former senior meteorologist for the Forecast Systems Lab of your National Weather Service, told Fox Thing. "I usually do not imagine that to get a nanosecond. You aren't going to get nearly anything out of clear skies. I do not wish to sound like Tom Cruise right here, but show me the info."

The consensus seems to generally be which the rain storms in problem have been similar to your considerably bigger wet weather conditions pattern all through the entire area that was also accountable with the flooding in nearby Pakistan, and which the weather conditions modification towers being turned on was just a coincidence. Unless, obviously, the technologies was simply just performing as well nicely...

Meteo Programs is not aiding their scenario by preserving everything top secret, and till they run some supervised and scientifically rigorous tests on their process, I will just should retain on doing sacrifices to Zeus to ensure this California drought does not get any worse.

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