It was rainy inside Middle East last summer. Like, super rainy, that is unusual to get a desert. A company termed Meteo Systems is boasting which they triggered all that rain, making use of a secret climate control technique dependant on know-how first designed by Nikola Tesla in 1890.

Although it's all fairly hush-hush, the way Meteo Techniques' rain generation tech apparently functions is by employing arrays of nearly twenty 30-foot metal towers shaped kinda like umbrellas to fire negatively charged ions in the atmosphere when the humidity gets above 30%. Supposedly, these ions entice dust particles, which on their own appeal to water molecules, and then poof, you have clouds and rain. Employing five distinct sites located near Abu Dhabi, Meteo Systems is taking credit ratings for 52 rainstorms that occurred inside the spot for the duration of July and August of last season.

So what do the experts consider?

"As much as I'm involved I really don't imagine these claims," stated Roelof Bruintjes, who heads the National Center for Atmospheric Analysis's worldwide weather conditions modification software programs. "There's no scientific basis for this; the physics won't support it."

"That's garbage, that is absolute garbage," Joseph Golden, a former senior meteorologist on the Forecast Systems Lab of your Nationwide Climate Company, instructed Fox Announcement. "I don't consider that for the nanosecond. You are not going to acquire whatever out of clear skies. I usually do not wish to sound like Tom Cruise here, but exhibit me the information."

The consensus seems to become that the rain storms in problem were linked to a very much bigger wet weather conditions craze throughout the whole area that was also responsible towards the flooding in nearby Pakistan, and that the climate modification towers being turned on was just a coincidence. Unless, needless to say, the technology was merely functioning far too nicely...

Meteo Methods isn't supporting their situation by preserving everything high key, and till they run some supervised and scientifically rigorous tests on their program, I'll just should maintain on making sacrifices to Zeus to make sure this California drought would not get any worse.

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