Biotin deficiency is rare. However, it happens in pregnant ladies and malnourished individuals. Smoking has also been related to low biotin levels. Biotin supports healthy hair and skin. Reddish and scaly skin and brittle hair are symptoms of biotin deficiency.

Biotin for healthy skin and hair

A Biotin supplement comes as pills, liquids, shampoos, lotions, and nail polishes. A number of biotin supplements also have collagen. This protein is present in bones, skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It is good to choose a biotin supplement after consulting a GP.

Mushroom for a skin product

The use of mushrooms for revitalizing and enhancing skin vitality dates back centuries. Now, there is a moisturizer with the goodness of mushroom for use on the chest, face, hands, and arms. The formula is a blend of plant stem cell mushrooms and micronized zinc. The formula also makes the skin suppler. Individuals with all types of skin can use it. This product, called Reishi Shield mushroom SPF 45, is from Prana SpaCeuticals.

The formula does an excellent job of moisturizing and protecting the skin against broad-spectrum UV rays. It should be applied every morning on the chest, face, hands, and arms, and anytime the skin is exposed to the sun.

Did you think that fat could help with healthy skin?

It gets absorbed into the skin fast and leaves a pleasing feeling all through the day. It offers an adequate layer of protection when the weather is dry and cold. The fragrance is refreshing.

A snack-bar start-up in Canada called Suzie’s good fats started in 2018. The company concentrates on more good fats and less sugar for good food habits and health of ladies.There is many a good fats bar. They have less sugar and nourishing natural ingredients. There is plenty of good fats that include peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and almond butter.

The proprietor says that Good fats have quite a few benefits. Examples are boosting energy and metabolism, lessening inflammation, improving brain function and skin health, and even lifting one’s mood. The bars are there for the taking on natural health online stores. is one such store.


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