The first time I heard those specific words was from one of my clients many, many years ago. She had found her ‘real’ voice and told me that her she couldn’t believe what a fantastic tool her voice was for her business.

Let me ask you a simple question. Would you rather listen to a high-pitched, nasal, weak or wimpy speaking voice or a captivating, resonant one? If you are like most people, you probably would prefer the latter.

25 years ago when I started my business, my very first private client couldn’t believe the difference when he found his ‘real’ voice. Resistant to any change (he was ‘volunteered’ for my training), Bill refused to admit that he was a mumbler even though his wife and his boss continually complained about it. Then he saw himself on video. That is when he decided to take voice training seriously. (Bill mumbled because he didn’t want others to see his misaligned tooth which was more apparent to him than anyone else!)

Once Bill learned to open his mouth to speak and to use his chest cavity to power his sound, he was floored at the difference in how he was perceived. Not only did he discover a better voice, but he happened to find a sound that was truly magnificent. What was really exciting for this man was that he sounded better than anyone at his place of work, including his boss.

To see the difference in Bill’s self-esteem was an eye-opening experience for me as well. It is incredibly rewarding to show someone his/her ‘real’ voice; however, it is even better when you see what it does to that person’s level of confidence.

Everyone has a better voice when they learn to use their chest cavity as their primary sounding board. The problem with most voices is that the majority of people tend to rely on their throat and voice box cavities as their prime resonators. What results are voices that are lacking true resonance – that deep, rich, warm sound we hear from people like James Earl Jones, Diane Sawyer, Peter Coyote, Julia Ormond, and Morgan Freeman. The only difference between their voice and yours, however, is the way they place it.

In addition, the voice that is powered by means of the chest cavity sounds more mature and more authoritative – not overbearing. Discover your real voice and you will discover a fantastic tool you never knew you had!

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The Voice Lady, Nancy Daniels, offers private, corporate and group workshops in voice and presentation skills as well as Voicing It! the only video training on voice improvement. If you would like to see a dramatic ‘before & after’ clip, visit Voice Training Website and check out Craig’s video.