Messages are being sent all the time. By emails, cell phone texts, faxes,letters and postcards from people who care about us. When we do not reply, we receive a second message. Each of us wants to be acknowleged.

We receive messages everyday. Anyone that has visited Manhatten knows, one of the things that a person needs to be aware of is the crosswalks.
Taxi drivers are constantly using their car horns to warn people they are approaching. The pedestrian signs flash a message whether or not it is safe to cross.
If it were not for the inventor of the crosswalk sign, many people would be hurt or killed.

There are other messages we receive, but may take for granted. Parents give wise advice that guides and protects us. Teachers and counselors comment on our work in an effort to confirm out talents and abilities. They are in our lives to help us acheive our dreams!
I worked with my nephew on a demolition job recently. He is a master carpenter and designer of homes. I watched him as he communicated his message to the owner of how the room would look when finished. How did he learn this? By paying close attention in his apprenticeship. He got the message!

A good movie to watch is "Bruce Almighty." Bruce, played by Jim Carrey is searching for answers. In a desperate moment he calls out to God for guidance. As he is driving, a truck pulls out in front of him loaded with warning signs indicating if he continues on the road he is on, he may get hurt. Bruce does not heed the message,and crashes his car.

God gives each of us messages everyday, hoping that we are paying attention of what HE wants us to do. HE wants only the best for His children. His messages are all around us. Nature speaks of His Creation. The Bible shows us many "signs" where to place our feet, and how we should walk. Why? He wants us to be happy.

Like a pedestrian crosswalk, we need to "STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!"

The next time a teacher or loved one speaks, stop and think for a moment. The message was given to you for a reason. God is saying with love and concern...
"Did you get MY message?"

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