Peyronie’s disease is a penis problem that causes the formation of abnormal and fibrous lumps that are often known as plaques inside the penis. With time, these lumps grow and deform the erectile tissue of the penis. It leads to bending of the penis.

The problem generally affects the upper part of the penis but may affect lower side also. The reason for this problem can be an injury to the penis or it may occur due to penis infection. The middle aged men and older men are at higher risk of getting this problem.


This penis problem may appear suddenly or may progress gradually with the time. The problem can be moderate or mild or even severe. The common symptoms of this problem are listed below:

• Discomfort in the penis.
• Formation of lump inside the penis. The lump may be sometimes painful.
• Erection becomes painful or uncomfortable.
• Erection becomes softer as compared to usual.
• Bending of the penis to the affected side.


No doubt, medicines are there to treat each and every health problem. Healthy diet is the key source to improve the overall health. It is a great way to boost the immune system. Thereby helping the body to heal from injury or trauma such as Peyronie's disease. A healthy diet not only makes a person well equipped, but also reduces the risk of developing several health problems. Even diabetes and high blood pressure pose a major risk of developing a problem of erectile dysfunction.

There is no specific diet that helps to cure the disease but can help a lot in managing the problem. Healthy diet prevents the problem from becoming worse. A healthy diet includes following foods:

• Eat lots of fresh Fruits and vegetables.
• Include starchy foods such as rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes in your diet. Prefer wholegrain varieties as much as possible.
• Take milk and dairy products in your meal regularly.
• Include meat, fish as well as eggs in your diet.
• Pulses are the great source of protein and hence they also must be included in the diet.
• Include essential fatty acids in your diet, but limit the intake of saturated fats as well as granulated sugar.

Not only what we eat is important, but how the food is prepared is also a matter of importance. Always prefer home cooked meals as it is healthier one as compared to readymade meal. So always cook your food at home rather than going to restaurant for taking meal.


A number of dietary supplements are available in the markets for healthy diet, nowadays. For those who are not able to take a healthy diet, dietary supplements are better options. Some of the herbal supplements such as curcumin capsules, Gandhak rasayan tablets and Kachnaar Guggul are great option for this health problem. These dietary supplements help in the natural healing of this penis problem. The supplements made without using chemicals or any kind of additives in it are the best one.

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