Breastfeeding mother of a new born baby should be careful while taking any food because everything they are taking will go into the baby's stomach. There are certain food items which can cause vomiting or irritation to the new baby's digestive system and it can have severe consequences. It has been found that if the mother avoid food which can cause allergy during the whole pregnancy period, the baby too will have less irritation towards these food items, therefore, mother's should be cautious while taking food during pregnancy.

After the birth of the baby, mothers should avoid spicy and sour food items because it can cause excess bloating in the baby, although, research are still going on in this direction and the reaction of one baby towards a food item can be different from another baby.

There are certain food items which should be taken because the baby needs proteins and minerals for the growth of tissues, muscles and bones. There are some food items which can cause allergy and these products should be avoided such as

Eggs, peanuts and cow's milk can cause allergy. Cow's milk can cause eczema in the baby. The baby may suffer from dryness of skin and skin patches which can later open and cause sores. Some kids are intolerant to lactose and the symptoms are bloody stools, dehydration, bloating, vomiting and crying too much after taking milk or milk products. Some babies may suffer from milk rashes on face.

There are different forms of components found in egg which can cause allergies to the baby.

1. Spices and chilly can sometimes cause rashness in the digestive tract, and intake of fish can also cause certain allergic reactions.

2. Food items such as shellfish can cause allergy.

3. Sometime taking citrus juices can cause allergies to the baby.

4. There are some food which are said to cause fussiness in a baby.

5. Caffeine can sometimes cause fussiness and similar reaction is seen when the breastfeeding mother takes corn, cabbage, broccoli, iron supplement, medicines, hot pepper, tomatoes, wheat and soy.

6. Do not take any food item which is highly processed or if it contain a good amount of preservatives.

7. The food containing artificial colors and sweeteners should be avoided.

8. Food containing harmful substances such as nicotine should be avoided.

Babies who frequently suffer from intestinal cramps may cry too frequently due to the cramps. The condition is said to be infant colic. It is not acid reflux in which the babies split up after eating some food items. Colic babies are unsatisfied and they generally do not get adequate amount of milk. Mother's should allow the baby to get full milk from each breast because the milk on the base which is taken from the base of the breast contains highest amount of nutrients. Both colic reactions and acid reflux varies from one baby to baby. Colic can also be caused by one particular ingredient in the food item as it is a kind of reaction against foreign element. Tummy cramps can also be caused if the baby tries to take too much of milk in one time and she swallows much air along with the milk.

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