If a person is suffering or cancer, the need for nutrition rises because of the damage caused to the body cells. One should take a balanced diet and try to fulfill the nutrient requirements by taking a balanced diet instead of taking junk food. There are many who are advised to take a particular diet during the treatment process and even after the completion of the treatment, the medical practitioner may advise to follow a guideline to take food.

Some of the basic requirements of the diet are

Avoid saturated fats: You should take a diet low in saturated fats. The cancer cells require bad cholesterol to develop and grow. The bad cholesterol is found in products which contains saturated fats. Saturated fats form LDL which forms plaques in the inner walls of arteries and it reduces the thickness of the arteries, blocking the blood flow to various body parts. You should take cooking oil which contains omega 3 fatty acids and mono saturated fats instead of taking hydrogenated cooking oils which is high in saturated fat and it also raises the risk of cancer.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is needed to prevent carcinogen attack on human body. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and vegetables.

Beta Carotene: Beta Carotene is a substance which is found in fruits and vegetables, and it possesses the properties to fight cancer. It helps in improving the immune system of the human body as it releases a chemical which has the tumor necrosis factor.

Include vegetables and fruits: The diet should include a good amount of raw fruits and vegetables which are high in antioxidants. Cruciferous vegetables reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer and it should be taken in good amount. Taking diet rich in flavones, indols, isothiocyanates and phytochemicals, which reduces the risk of cancer in people. Flax seeds are rich in omega fatty acid and it is considered good for health. Mediterranean and Greek food is rich in vegetables and it has been found that breast cancer cases are least found in women belonging to these regions. The risk of colorectal cancer can be reduced by taking a good amount of fruits, seafood, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

Proteins: Proteins are needed for the repair of tissues which are damaged by the tumor cells and soy products can be included to take good amount of proteins.

Selenium: You should include food items which are rich in selenium as it posses anti cancer properties. Selenium is found in whole grains, brown rice, chicken, and garlic and sunflower seeds.

What to take in diet

If a patient has been treated for breast cancer, the diet should include toast and yoghurt in the breakfast. Take plenty of fluid in the day and take low fat yoghurt to prevent accumulation of fat. Reduce intake of deep fried dishes and you an even avoid high fiber diet until you are suffering from constipation. Similarly you can plan the lunch and dinner with low fat food items. Include vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, green beans, squash, radishes, cauliflower and broccoli in diet. You can take apricots, tomatoes, oranges, mangoes, lemons, grapes, blueberries and yams in fruits.

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