Treatment of Diabetes not only involves insulin injections and medicine but a whole lot of lifestyle changes including exercise and diet. Diet plays a very important role in proper management of Diabetes. It is the key factor to maintain sugar level and healthy weight. Having a well balanced diet helps immensely in maintaining a normal sugar level. The question arises that how should a diabetic plan his or her meal to get needed energy and healthy sugar level out of it. There are few things, which should be taken care of while planning a diet for diabetic patients. The diet should be planned considering the fact that the main motto of diabetic diet is to maintain ideal body weight, getting adequate nutrition and maintaining normal blood sugar levels in blood.

A dietician takes into account height, weight, age, sex, physical activity and nature of diabetes, while planning a diet for a diabetic patient. Other complications are also considered such as high blood pressure or high levels of cholesterol. Then the dietician assesses the calorie requirement and plans the diet accordingly. A low fat diet with complex carbohydrates is considered to be best diet for a diabetic patient. Simple carbohydrates should be avoided. A fiber rich diet helps to maintain the metabolism and hence sugar levels.

Few things should be taken care of while going for a diet plan for a diabetic patient-

Diabetic patients should be careful about how many carbohydrates they eat and when they eat. They should add complex carbohydrate to their meal and avoid simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates take time to break down into sugar, thus they do not raise sugar level suddenly, whereas simple carbohydrates easily breakdown into sugar and there is a sudden upsurge in sugar level. Thus eating complex carbohydrates help to maintain normal sugar level.
Diabetic patients should eat less fat as excess fat could lead to obesity. Obesity is also called a triggering factor or high sugar level. By keeping fat intake low, they can maintain healthy level of fat and cholesterol in the body. It also helps to maintain a healthy sugar level.
Having whole grain foods, fruits and leafy vegetables also helps in diabetes management as they provide required nutrition without raising the sugar level to alarming points.
Diabetic patients should restrict their sweet intake to avoid sudden increase in sugar level in the blood.
Alcohol also helps in raising sugar level, thus it is advisable that diabetic patients avoid or restrict their alcohol intake.
It is important that no meal is being skipped. Having regular and proper meals help to maintain metabolic activities and healthy sugar levels.
The amount and time of food intake should be properly planned, so that body is not deprived of essential nutrition and on the other hand it did not get excess amount of sugar in the system, especially the sudden upsurges.
Craving for foods, which are not good for diabetic patients, should be handled by substituting them with fruits or other healthy food item.
Dirt should be planner taking into consideration the likes and dislikes of the patient, so he or she does not get excuses to run away from healthy food regimen.
Instead of few heavy meals having more small meals also helps to maintain the normal sugar level.
Adding fiber rich food to the diet helps to maintain metabolic activities. It also gives a sense of fullness without consumption of large amount of calories.
Regulating the amount of calories being eaten is another important aspect of diabetic diet plan. Patients should try to stick to the same calorie intake everyday.
Patients should try to keep record of what they eat and when they eat. It helps to further improve the diet plan. It also helps to avoid emotional on binge eating.

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