Losing weight naturally is easier than you may think. Even though you added those pounds slowly over the years, you don't have to wait several years to lose the weight that you have gained. Here are 4 simple ways to lose weight quickly.

Fiber. Increase your fiber intake. Try to include it in your diet because your body needs plenty of fiber. Fiber helps your body to eliminate waste more efficiently and melt the fat away quicker. Eat meals which include plenty of leafy green vegetables. Eat a salad with your meals everyday. Consume fresh fruit rather than processed fruit. Canned fruit lacks the fiber that you find in fresh fruit. And canned fruit almost always get sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Water. Drink water through out the day. Not only does water flush out toxins, it decreases your hunger. You will not feel hungry through out your day if you consume more water. Your body needs water more than it needs food. Your body is mostly comprised of water and most of us do not drink enough of it. When your body is craving water, you usually mistake that thirst for hunger.

Try this. The next time you feel hungry for a snack drink a glass of water instead. Your hunger will miraculously cease. Take a water bottle around with you and sip from it through out your day. You will decrease your calorie intake and lose weight naturally.

Snacks. When you snack on sweets and starchy foods in between meals you defeat all of your attempts to lose weight. You need to eliminate this habit or replace it with another habit. Instead of eating chips eat baby carrots. They are both crunchy but the baby carrots have less calories, fat and sugar than the potato chips.

Also make a schedule for your meals and stick to that schedule. Eat at certain times during your day. Try to space it out to every three or four hours. If you eat regularly you will not feel hungry or crave fatty foods as much. It takes discipline to develop the habit, but once you do so you will feel better and look better. It will become a part of your lifestyle so it will be easier to keep the pounds off.

Exercise. Before you go and join a gym or spend a fortune on exercise equipment apply some lifestyle changes. Become more active during your typical day. Rather than taking the elevator at work take the stairs instead. When talking on the phone at work walk around rather than sitting at your desk. Pick a parking spot a few more yards away from the grocery store so that you will be forced to walk further to the door. Take afternoon walks through your neighborhood before dinner. These simple acts will speed up your metabolism and cause you to lose weight in a natural way.

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By Anthony D. Carter, a recognized expert on Diet and Nutrition.