The diet for lovers is based not only on the everyday diet consisting of foods that are good for you, but it also takes into consideration the needs of sexually active people who must have the appropriate sugar level in their blood. In order to function successfully, the nerves, brains and glands require sugar in the form of glucose (a simple sugar used by cells as a source of energy and metabolic intermediate). When the level of glucose decreases, all organs and systems responsible for sexual function weaken, and it can potentially cause serious malfunctions.

In order to avoid the decrease of sugar's level we should be on the lookout against slowing down of the reactions of glands producing adrenalin, which will lead to the sugar contained in the liver being discharged slower. We should take measure against weakening of the liver, which will allow the excess sugar to get into bloodstream. Another thing to be concerned is the ability of the pancreatic gland to adequately react to the need of. If it produces too much of it, it can lead to the excessively fast disintegration of the sugar contained in the blood. Poor diet is another big factor, especially the consumption of products that contain too much refined carbohydrates. There is an especially high amount of them in regular sugar. Therefore the diet containing an excessive amount of regular sugar negatively affects the reproductive system. And although it is true that the abundance of refined carbohydrates in the digestive system's organs will temporarily increase the energy level of the body, you can lose these sexual attributes in just fifteen minutes because of the intense production of insulin. Consuming regular sugar will lead to your emotional and physical condition resembling riding on a swing - a huge rush of energy is followed by a deep depression and apathy.

The diet for lovers takes into consideration the fact that the Americans, the Europeans and the inhabitants of other industrial countries are exposed to the influence of several thousands of toxic substances, polluting our environment and causing negative pressure on our liver. Besides, this organ, responsible for cleansing our body, is also negatively affected by the large amounts of protein. The diet containing foods with an increased amount of protein would not be suitable for people trying to improve their sexual life, especially if the problems of the sexuality are connected to the liver's malfunction.

Some low-protein and low-carbohydrate diets can cause double pressure on our body, if they do not do the right distinction between simple and complex carbohydrates. White sugar being a simple carbohydrate is dissolved in the blood very fast. Therefore avoid using refined or concentrated sugar. Whole grains, beans, seeds, nuts and other complex carbohydrates that have complicated molecular bonds break them gradually and dissolve in blood gradually over the course of six hours. Such long time allows the newly produced glucose to penetrate the circulating systems of the body pretty slowly and constantly. Consuming foods containing complex carbohydrates and a little amount of protein in combination with a little bit of fats and oils will slow down the absorption even further, and the level of sugar in the blood will increase even more gradually.

There have been quite a few books written about how excess weight leads to sexual problems. It is advised to both genders to get rid of the excess pounds and acquire the healthy habits of eating. We should be eating fewer fats and sugars and add more dietary foods rich in fiber.

Thousands of couples suffering from obesity experience traumas connected to sexual incompatibility. Some sexologists see the direct connection between obesity and divorce. Overweight men contain a high amount of estrogen in their blood, which often leads to impotency. The main male hormone is testosterone. The liver produces the substance called globulin, which binds this hormone, but if you are overweight estrogen interferes with this process causing testosterone to get released rather than get preserved. This lowers the level of testosterone in the blood, and as a result the sexual drive decreases and a lot of times disappears all together.

In order to solve the problem of the lack of sexual drive we should get rid of the excess weight. And this can be achieved by fasting for at least five days. Fasting consists of three stages. During the first stage you will have to overcome the feeling of hunger. The second stage involves saying no to consuming and cleansing your body from those substances that cause an allergic reaction (it is ironic how many people are addicted to foods that cause them allergies). During the third stage, you will feel a huge surge of life energy and health since all the symptoms and side effects of the previous stage are gone. Usually the first stage lasts a couple of days. The third stage starts approximately on the fourth day. It is on this day that you will experience the peak of your sexuality. A lot of men and women report fasting to be an excellent remedy to increase the sexual drive.

During the fast you should drink a lot of water, at least 2 quarts a day. When you feel extremely hungry, try to take a couple of sips of water and it should help suppress your hunger.

Due to the fact that our body doesn't have to process and digest food during the fast, it gets rid of all the toxins accumulated before, which have been depriving it of energy. During the first several days of fasting you can have the signs of toxic poisoning since during this time our body releases all the accumulated toxins into the bloodstream. The feeling of being healthy comes when these toxins are discharged from our body through skin, kidneys, lungs, intestines and liver. After that you get a feeling of your sexual strength increasing and you get an appetite... not for food, but for sex.

Another natural way to increase the level of sugar in the blood is to consume the nutrients that are necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, namely the group B vitamins and chrome. Eat often but in small quantities. Chew slowly since it is the first step on the road to good digestion. Try to avoid stressful situations. Practice meditation or other relaxation techniques. Devote more time to physical exercises. All of these activities will help your metabolism and digestion of everything you consume as well as contribute to the natural increase of sugar in your blood to the level suitable for your sexual needs.

As far as more specific guidelines on which foods to consume, try to cut down on beef, lamb, and pork to no more than three times a week, instead eat fish and chicken. Limit your use of salad dressings and other fats, the less of them you consume, the better. Avoid frying when you are preparing your meals. Eat a lot of fresh fruit. Limit the consumption of eggs and cheese. Try to limit or completely exclude caffeine from your diet by avoiding tea, coffee, cocoa, coke and other such drinks. Cut down on alcohol. Limit the usage of salt and sugar, instead use their replacements. Try to eat small portions of various foods six or eight times a day, rather than three big meals, which will help minimize the amount of calories you consume. Do not overeat. If you are trying to get rid of excess weight, eat only when it is absolutely necessary. Avoid drinking during your meals, instead drink half an hour before or half an hour after. Always eat a good breakfast full of protein to ensure slow release of energy into your body throughout the whole day. Stay away from sugar-coated or dried fruit. Actual fruit is preferable to fruit juices since it contains fiber. However, three to four ounces of fresh natural fruit or vegetable juice is preferable to coffee or herbal tea. Cultivate the consumption of dairy. Avoid refined or processed foods containing white sugar and white flour. Limit your consumption of canned or packaged foods, fried or salted nuts, candy, chocolate, gum containing sugar, ice cream, jams, jelly and other foods in this category. Quit smoking.

These are some general rules you should follow if you want to stimulate your sex drive, but even if this is not your main purpose, sticking to these rules will definitely contribute to a long and healthy life!

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