At any time, you may have a friend, a co-worker or a family member who is on a diet. Most diets deprive us of a specific food group or a substantial amount of calories. Consequently, dieting manifests its disadvantages in how we feel. Hunger, depression and anxiety are just some of its symptoms. Long term weight is almost always unattainable through extreme dieting. The only realistic option is a well balanced fitness plan that you can live with. Here is some food for thought the next time you think of going on a restrictive diet plan.

Not all carbohydrates are bad for your weight loss goals. You only have to recognize the good from the bad. Complex carbohydrates such as beans and whole grains are rich sources of fiber. Brown rice, wheat bread and steel cut oats are whole grain products. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and anti oxidants. They are also low calorie and works well with your balanced diet plan. Fruits exposed to the environment may lose some of its nutrients. Fruits immediately frozen after picking, however, retain most of its nutritional value. To keep it low calorie, avoid dips, cheeses and sauces when eating fruits. Starving yourself right before a party can backfire. Prepare by decreasing your caloric intake a few days before the event.

Eggs are not all bad for your weight loss goals either. Egg whites are a rich source of protein, which is good for muscle growth. Cholesterol in a large egg yolk is 213 milligrams. People with health problems linked to high cholesterol should limit egg yolks to 2 per week. Skipping breakfast will not give you permanent weight loss because you'll most likely over-compensate with the remaining meals of the day. You may end up gaining more weight in the long run. Combining different kinds of food does not impact your weight loss goals the way you think it does. Foods are usually a combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Weight loss is achieved when you create a calorie deficit by eating low calorie foods.

Your genes are not solely responsible for your weight and metabolism. Only 25% of your weight is determined by genetics. Truth is, your weight and metabolism are largely influenced by your lifestyle. Spot reduction is not possible either. Do cardio and strength training exercises to reduce fat and develop muscles. Exercising at different times of the day has its advantages. The best time for you, though, is anytime you can do it, so don't fall into the trap that exercise is only effective if done at certain times of the day. Exercise - at any time - burns calories and shapes muscle. So just do it.

Getting over the myths is necessary for lasting weight loss. Sensible solutions like choosing low calorie foods and planning your meals well are more realistic. Exercising to lose weight and fat is the other viable, realistic option. The sooner you get over your fitness myths, the better it is for your health.

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