Difference Among Angular 8,7,6,5,4,3,2 - Breakdown,New Features,and Changes
Hey! I'm Sunny and I work at Cognizant.Follow me on LinkedIn and let me know you are working on!The first version of Angular was released in the year of 2010.Some people call this as Angular and some people call as Angular 1.But it is officially named as AngularJS.
Let's dive into changes angular made overtime all the way from angular 2 to angular 8.
Anough of bullshit,let's list down the changes
Angular 2
Released in 2016
Complete rewrite of Angular 1
Written entirely in typescript
Component-based instead of Controller
ES6 and typescript supported
More testable as component-based
Support for Mobile/Low-end devices
Up to typescript 1.8 is supported
Angular 3
Why we do not have Angular 3?
1)Precise is being created in a MonoRepo it implies a solitary repo for everything
2)@angular/core,@angular/compiler,@angular/switch and so on are in the equivalent repo and may have their very own renditions.
3)The angular router was already in v3 and releasing angular 3 with router 4 will create confusion
4)To stay away from this perplexity they chose to avoid the variant 3 and discharge with form 4.0.0 so every real reliance in the MonoRepo are destined for success.
Angular 4
Released in 2017
1)Changes in core library
2)Angular 4 is simply the next version of angular 2,the underlying concept is the same and is an inheritance from Angular 2
3)Lot of Performance improvement is made to reduce size of AOT compiler generated code
Typescript 2.1 and 2.2 compatible -all feature of its 2.1 and 2.2 are supported in Angular 4 application.
4)Animation features are separated from @angular/core to @angular/animation -do not import.
animation bundles into the application to lessen group size and it gives the presentation improvement.
5)Else block in *ngIf introduced :
Instead of writing 2 ngIf for else,simply as below code in component template :
*ngIf="yourcondition; else myFalsyTemplate"
"Else Html "
Angular 5
1)Released 1st November 2017
2)Build optimizer : It helps to removed unnecessary code from your application
Rakish Universal State Transfer API and Dom suppport - By utilizing this feature,we would now be able to share the condition of the application between the server side and customer side in all respects effectively.
3)Compiler Improvements : This is one of the very nice features of Angular 5,which the support of incremental compilation of an application.
Preserve White space : To remove unnecessary new lines,tabs and white spaces we can add below code (decrease bundle size)
// in component decorator you can now add :
"preserveWhitespaces :false"
"AngularCompilerOptions" : { "preserveWhitespaces" : false }

4) Increased the standardization across all browsers :For internationalizaton we were depending on 'i18n',but in ng 5 provides a new date,number,and currency pipes which increases the internationalization across all the browsers and eliminates the need of i18npolyfills.
exportAs : In angular 5,multiple names support for both directives and components
HttpClient : until Angualar 4.3 @angular/HTTP was been used which is now depreciated and in Angular 5 a new module called HttpClientModule is introduced which comes under @angular/common/http package.
5)Hardly any new Router Life cycle Events being included Angular 5 :In Angular 5 couple of new life cycle occasions being added to the switch and those are :
ActivationStart,ActivationEnd,ChildActivationStart,ChildActivationEnd,GuardsCheckStart, GuardsCheckEnd, ResolveStart and ResolveEnd.

Angular 5 supports TypeScript 2.3 version.
Improved in faster Compiler support :
An enormous improvement made in an Angular compiler to make the advancement construct quicker.We can now take advantage of by running the below command in our development terminal window to make the build faster.
ng serve/s –aot..

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