For a person of no medical knowledge, the many specialization of doctors might not deter them from assuming they are all doctors. Yes, they are no doubt doctors in general but the difference here is the huge differences of work involved. In the same way, both graphic design and web design being under the design industry can seem confusing.

Graphic design is generally understood as creating graphics, typography and images to present an idea. It is mostly concerned with the visual and artistic aspect of a work which can be done both by hand or with technological help. While graphic design is concerned with the looks and appearance, web design is concerned with how the website works. The former unlike the latter emphasizes on art first. Using visual arts, typography and page layout techniques they create visual compositions and emphasize visual theory in the designs. Not just designs, but astounding designs with a message behind it. Hence, graphic designs for the most part all comes down to how the design communicates to the audience.

The designs created are used for print industries staring from the most basic of things to the most complex. Brochures, posters or any branding material or any packaging involved. The skill sets involved are vastly in variant with web design, graphic design uses AdobePhotoshop, Illustrator or In Design to create graphics.

The difference here is that, unlike the web design which solely relies on the World Wide Web, graphic design is not succumbed to the internet alone. Given the involvement hugely to print industry, it should not be classified to the field alone. Because, it then would be a falsification. Infact, graphic design uses the best of both worlds, that is, both art and technology although they do not use any programming language. They also occasionally create user interface assets for the web like logos and icons which is why their published print work is even used for websites.

While graphic design is about art and design web design is about the computer and information technology. It is more about the technical aspect such as coding and programming. But that does not mean web design does not use visual and artistic aspect for the production and maintenance of a website. To be a web designer however requires specific specialization .That is to know the coding language of HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript which are solely relied on to the World Wide Web. Not just the internet alone but to also have account for things like file size, server resolution along with the overall speed and performance. All these will determine into a working website. They also need to have a balance a good design with the speed and efficiency of the web.

Both have diverse roles in their own field but they also share a similarity in some aspect. That is to say that not all graphic designers are determined to visual art and web designing to the working of a webisite alone. Each uses a part of each other’s in their own useful way to arrive at a desired result.

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For a person of no medical knowledge, the many specialization of doctors might not deter them from assuming they are all doctors.