As people get older, they require more care and assistance in their everyday life. Typically, the family is expected to be there for them and ensure that they follow a strict regime of medicines. Daily activities must be planned for them as well so they don't get too tired or bored at home. 

Recently, there has been a rise in families hiring external help to aid the old members in their daily things.

There a multiple numbers of services available for old-aged people to get them going in their life. Given the fast nature of one's life, no one has the time and energy to assist another member of the family anymore. To take care of this part, various services are at your disposal to ease your load. 

The two most prominent services for old-aged people are assisted living and skilled nursing. People find it difficult to differentiate between them mostly but that's what we're here for. Before jumping into the details, let's give you an overview of what these two are. Assisted living refers to when individuals are given a minimal amount of care. Most of the focus in assisted living is on whether the individual has taken medicine and being dressed. Skilled nursing refers to proper medical supervision and nursing care for 24 hours a day.

Assisted Living

This service is available for individuals who don't have a high-risk disease or health issues. Mostly because in assisted living, individuals are being checked upon now and then. These check-ups are usually to see how they're doing and whether they've taken their appropriate medicine. 

Assisted living also assists with daily routine activities such as changing clothes, taking a bath. Individuals are helped with moving around so that they're not bored of sitting in one spot. Assisted living is more like living with a community as everybody knows each other and shares a feeling of mutual understanding. The costs of these are either covered through the government or private payments. 

The one thing that is not included in assisted living is that there is no 24/7 nursing care. This is because the individuals residing in these communities do not have a life-threatening health issue that would require otherwise.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing refers to on the clock, 24/7 nursing services which are provided to old or handicapped individuals. Typically, people with severe health problems are associated with these services. These individuals require extreme care and are not to be overlooked by negligence. 

This service helps old people with moving around and provides them with the proper care that they require. Individuals who need services for physical rehabilitation can rest assured. Skilled nursing is going to help them perform every ritual along with extreme medical supervision.


There has been a huge debate on assisted living vs skilled nursing facilities. The answer driven from this debate is that each individual is in a different situation. Those who require strict medical attention and supervision should opt for skilled nursing. Those who just want to make sure they have their medicine on time; assisted living is the way to go! When it comes to choosing an affordable assisted living service, Heartwood Seniors is one of the best places to go for. 

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