Exams have always been a nightmare. Board exams are the first official set of challenging exams that we encounter in our school life. As we grow up, the standard of question paper in increases. The exam becomes more difficult and less easy to clear. Exams are a gateway to many important opportunities. It may vary from choosing the subject of your choice or getting a respectable job. They provide a platform to the individuals, which ensure unbiased entry into the aspired goal. However, the major difference between board exams and competitive exams is their syllabus. Board exams are conducted in various parts of the country like UP, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kerala etc and most of the syllabus is confined to the textbooks. However, during a competitive exam, for example, an IAS exam, the syllabus dedicates a major portion to the general knowledge questions, which makes these exams much more challenging and difficult to clear.

Board exams:
Board exam are conducted all across India.
The question paper varies in every country, depending to the kind of student it addresses to, for example UP question paper would differ a lot from question paper of Delhi.
The question paper is confined to the textbooks, which are referred by the respective board.
Students who clear the class X exam, are promoted to class XI, and are given one of the three streams (science, humanities, commerce) based on their marks in the board exam.
Students who clear class XII board exams are selected in various prestigious colleges, based on their scores.
Recently, there has been a major change in the structure of class X board exams by the introduction of the grading system.

Competitive exams:
They are the most challenging exams that one has to encounter in his or her life.
Like board exams, they are also conducted in various parts of the country like UP, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Bangalore etc.
Their syllabus is not confined to the textbooks. For example IAS exams, they thrive on general knowledge questions.
A major portion of the IAS exams is dedicated to the current affairs of India.
IAS exams consists of:
IAS Mains exam: it consists of nine exams. These exams are conducted on various days and have different syllabus.
IAS preliminary exam: it consists of a general studies question paper and CSAT.

However, a competitive exam like IAS mains exam or a UP board exam, both requires hard work and dedication. The question paper is challenging in both the exams and a thorough study of the syllabus is essential in order to clear them.

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