On the surface, it looks like “chauffeur” is nothing quite aesthetic thanks to saying “driver” – however, that’s not precisely true. Sure, drivers and chauffeurs, each gets you wherever you wish to travel, however, the distinction between the 2 is quite a matter of vocabulary – it’s a matter of service.

1. Service Level A driver exists to try to one thing: drive you from purpose A to purpose B in one piece. Commuting does not need to be uncomfortable. Eagle Chauffeurs aren’t simply drivers, they're there to serve you. As the chauffeur’s elegant title suggests, he’s quite the guy behind the wheel. He’s a consummate skilled United Nations agency isn't solely about to get you wherever you wish to travel safely, however conjointly stylishly and richly. And if he’s associate degree Eagle chauffeur, you'll be able to bet he’s the most effective within the business. Unlike a driver, associate degree Eagle chauffeur is there to serve you, not cart you around like baggage – however he can carry your baggage if you’d like. He’ll get the door for you. He’ll take the scenic route if you would like to check the sights, or he’ll get you on to your meeting with lots of time to spare. want to grab a cup of occasional before heading to the airport? associate degree Eagle chauffeur can take you to the most effective café in the city, or he’ll pop over to a quick food joint if you’d like. the selection is often yours. BECOME associate degree EAGLE CHAUFFEUR Do you assume you have got what it takes to become the most effective chauffeur? Take a glance at a number of our open careers and apply nowadays. CAREERS Chauffeur Hat

2. Training Eagle chauffeurs receive in-depth coaching before they lag the wheel, wherever they learn quite simply the principles of the road – after all, they learn those, too. Safety may be a high priority for associate degree Eagle chauffeur, United Nations agency is aware of to drive defensively, not sharply. Your safe ride ought to even be a nice ride.

3. Pride In Work An Eagle chauffeur takes pride in what he will. His uniform is clean and crisp. He carries himself with refined dignity. His vehicle is clean and stocked all the amenities you’d like.

4. Trustworthy Your Eagle chauffeur is additionally trustworthy. Discrete. You’re a crucial person. you have got loads happening. got to take personal, non-public telephony within the back of the car? That telephony stays private. So once you’re selecting between a driver and a chauffeur, you wish to raise yourself one thing: “Do I simply need to induce somewhere or do I would like to be treated to a secure and cozy ride?”

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