Losing hair is sometimes a reason of depression and every one of us wants natural, long or fuller hair. We try every possible way to get back natural hair but sometimes end up losing more hair resulting in baldness. Now, with the advancements in the medical technology, it is possible to restore natural hair back with the Hair Transplantation. Today, the hair transplant surgeons use different methods of hair transplant but the primary or traditional methods of hair transplant which are still preferred by some surgeons are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), now termed as Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). Patients undergoing the hair transplant surgery often come across these 2 terms FUT or FUE and find it hard to decide which hair transplant procedure should they choose. It is very important for the patient to ask the doctor that which hair transplant procedure is right for me and after asking the complete information, then only should plan their surgery.

Comparison of FUE and FUT:

The main difference between any hair transplant procedure or any other hair restoration is the results and permanence. Many hair transplant clinics prefer FUE over FUT. This is because to carry out a FUE hair transplant, a smaller team is required while for FUT, a skilled consultant surgeon and team is required to avoid any serious complications after the strip surgery.


  • FUE Hair Transplant: In FUE Hair Transplantation, surgeons extract each follicular unit individually from the scalp with no strip of tissue removal of skin is removed in a zigzag manner. FUE hair transplant results in the tiny scars which not be visible after the proper hair growth. For the extraction of the grafts, different types of punches are used and the size of these punches are quite small resulting in tiny scar formation and faster healing.
  • FUT Hair Transplant: In FUT Hair Transplantation, a small strip of tissue hair follicles are harvested from the strip by a skilled surgeon. In people having advanced hair loss, FUT hair transplant is preferred because FUT hair transplant allows the physician to fully utilize the donor area of the scalp to deliver the best results. For extracting the greater number of grafts in one session, FUT hair transplant is preferred.

Pain Management:

  • In FUE hair transplant, there are no stitches and no linear scars. Due to this, it results in faster healing and less after care instructions to follow as compared to the FUT hair transplant.
  • In FUT hair transplant, there is a linear scar formation and the scar is sutured back which takes time to heal. Proper post-op care instructions are important to follow to avoid any serious complications


  • In FUE procedures, hair follicles are removed individually from the scalp causing no linear scar left behind. But due to punches used, there will be tiny puncture marks of 1mm or even less. These marks will heal at their won after the scab formation within the few days.
  • In strip surgery, there is a thin linear scar formation which can be concealed by opting different hair style. A short to moderate length of hair growth is sufficient to conceal the scar. Over the period of the time, this scar will become less noticeable as it fades away.


As mentioned earlier, in FUE, hair follicles are extracted individually becoming it a time-sensitive procedure which makes it a expensive surgery than the FUT hair transplant surgery.

Some of the FAQs on FUE vs. FUT that are frequently asked by patients are;

Can I have both FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures?

Yes. One can undergo both the procedures. In this case, doctor may perform FUT surgery prior to the FUE surgery to maximize the yield of the grafts.

Should I search for FUT or an FUE hair transplant surgeon?

Both the techniques gives excellent results if performed by an expert hair transplant surgeon. You should consult with the doctor first and after the analysis of your scalp, surgeon will recommend the best hair transplant procedure for you.

How do the Time and Cost compare between FUE and FUT?

The cost of the FUE hair transplant will appear much higher than FUT surgery because most FUE procedure requires a proper team and a lot of time. After all, FUE surgeons extract and transplant hair follicles graft-by-graft. However, the cost per graft with FUE is lower than of FUT surgery.

How is healing different between FUT and FUE?

In FUT surgery, there are significant scabs formation, redness and soreness around the incision site. It is important to take care of health after first few days to week after the FUT surgery. You have to limit your strenuous physical activities to prevent any serious complications. However, recovery after FUE surgery is often painless and with proper post-op care instructions, you can get back to your normal routine after few days of the surgery.

Which procedure gives natural results?

Both FUE and FUT hair transplant gives the natural results after the hair transplant surgery if you surgery is performed by an expert hair transplant surgeon. Hair transplantation is an art and it require a highly skilled surgeon to perform the surgical procedure so as to get the 100% natural results whether you go for a FUE hair transplant or FUT hair transplant.

Author's Bio: 

THis article is written by Dr. Kapil Dua, leading hair transplant surgeon.