We are living in a scenario where interacting between people from two countries is very common. It may happen that we are not well versed with the language of the people from different countries. English is the first language to communicate throughout the world. But, what if somebody not understands the English and can only communicate in his or her own mother language. Thus, in this type of situation you need to hire interpreter or translator. We always tend to confuse ourselves that which one to hire an interpreter or translator.

There is little difference between the both of them but still it matters a lot. They both tend to perform similar kind of work with little difference. Interpreter converts our speech verbally. He or she changes our speech or language into other person’s language through spoken words while translator performs the same task but through written material. Both interpreter and translator tend to posses different skills and training. First of all, the translator must understand the culture and language of the source and then go through its history and then began to write. The translator has a strong vocabulary and also translator can write the meaning of sentences in its own words by not changing its meaning. But, interpreter has to deliver the message in same words and he or she cannot add its own points in that.

Interpreting can occur in variety of forms through phones, face to face in meeting or conferences. Interpreters can deliver the meaning in between the conversation or at the end of the conversation. It depends upon the client. But translator translate the data and it can be in form of literature, contract, newspapers, websites, etc. Interpreter requires to be clear in its figure of speech as he or she has to communicate with others and act as a communicator between the two persons. He or she has to confident enough to deliver other person thoughts in correct manner.

While a translator do not need to posses such quality as he or she has to convert the material or data in other language. He or she should be confident in his or her writing. The translator should have ability to translate the data without taking help from internet or books or dictionary. But, if required he or she can use this but interpreter cannot able to do this as he or she interpreting the language on the spot. Thus, he has to be well versed with language in which he or she is transmitting.

Interpreters need to build the strong connection between the target audiences but translators do not require so. He or she just has to maintain amiable contact with his or her client.

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