SENSEX: The Sensex is an index of the S&P BSE Share Market based in Mumbai. The full form of BSE is the Bombay Stock Exchange. Whereas Sensex is made up of Sensitive Index. The SENSEX indexes only the top 30 companies registered in the stock market and according to the market cap. The changes in Sensex points show that the top 30 companies in the country are getting profit or loss.

The SENSEX was started on January 1, 1986. The thirty companies involved in this keep changing, a committee has been formed to select these thirty companies. Due to indexing 30 companies, it is also known as BSE 30.

Nifty: The Nifty is an index of the stock market NSE based in Delhi. The full form of NSE is the National Stock Exchange of India. The Nifty consists of 50 companies and therefore it is known as Nifty 50 also. It was started in November 1994. These fifty companies are selected from 12 different sectors of the country. The movement of the Nifty shows the market's attitude like the Sensex.

Difference Between Sensex and Nifty: Both Sensex and Nifty indices two of the largest stock exchanges in India

  1. The SENSEX started in 1986 while the Nifty started in 1994.
  2. The SENSEX is the index of the Bombay Stock Exchange while the Nifty is the index of the National Stock Exchange.
  3. The SENSEX consists of 30 companies, while the Nifty consists of 50 companies.
  4. Both indices are calculated by base year, the base year 1979 is taken in SENSEX. The base year is taken as 100 for 1979. The base year for Nifty is taken as 1000 for 1995. The stock value is evaluated according to this base year.
  5. Sensex has a base value of 100, while Nifty has a base value of 1000.
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