Salesforce vs ServiceNow - Comparing and choosing between Salesforce and ServiceNow needs considering many important features of both the platforms. Although both Salesforce and serviceNow are online platforms that provide services to businesses to make their function convenient and smooth, they’re both different and carry their own different characteristics.

1. Major Use:
Salesforce is an online Customer Relation Management platform that works towards making the experience of a customer better. Its main aim is to improve the customer and business relationship by ruling out all hindrances.

ServiceNow however, is not just concerned with customer experience. Service now is a platform that is concerned with IT management of a business. Its main aim is to not only smoothen the customer experience but to also assist employees in the proper conduct of their work.

2. IT management:
IT management is a major requirement for any business nowadays considering the current digital era, although, Salesforce doesn’t majorly provide any IT management solutions, it is more concerned with sales, marketing and customer management.

While Servicenow pays keen attention to IT management issues and provides major OT management solutions for a business like IT Service Management, IT Business Management and IT Operations Management. Services now treats IT management as its first priority while for Salesforce the first priority is customer experience.

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3. Customer Management:
Customer was the king, customer is the king and customer will always be the king of the corporate world. Hence customer management is a very vital affair and must be treated accordingly. At Salesforce, customer experience is the first priority if their services and it makes sure it provides all major customer management solutions like Sales Cloud, SalesForce CPQ, Service Cloud, Field ServiceLightning etc.

However, at Servicenow, customer satisfaction is not the major priority. It provides customer management services such as Field Service Management, Intelligent Routing, Performance Analytics, Voice of the Customer etc., which aim at improving the customer experience and hence at maximising customer satisfaction.

4. Overall Business Management:
Salesforce being a customer relationship management platform focusses more on customer management. Hence, it provides the businesses with customer relation management solutions rather than providing overall business management services. Almost all of its services are customer satisfaction based, be it Quip, Lightning, Pardot etc..

Servicenow however takes into account complete overall business management. It provides various platforms and services that deal with various issues of a business making sure the issues of almost all the sectors of an organisation are addressed through its services such as, Security, Customer Service, HRService Delivery, IT management etc.

5. Platform:
Salesforce platform is the major platform through which all major services are provided and all the activities like managing or constructing of the app is done. Salesforce platform is the main platform behind the success of Salesforce.

Although, apart from that, Salesforce also provides the Lightning Platform. Lightning platform helps in developing social apps or mobile applications with the help of code or click.

Another platform provided by Salesforce is Heroku Enterprise. Heroku Enterprise is an open-source language cloud platform, that is built to support various languages like Java, Python, Ruby etc.

However, Servicenow provides all its services through one platform. The Now platform is built to provide all its business solutions be it Business Management, Operation Management, Customer Management, HR Service etc., it is all provided through one platform. The Now Platform is built in such a manner that it is easy to use and adapt to so that business users can use it with low coding requirement too without needing too much technical knowledge. Although, technical experts can use it to develop innovative apps and grow rapidly.


Overall, Salesforce and Servicenow are not same. They provide different services and address different needs. Although, some of the services of one overlaps the other, none of it can completely replace the other. A business can only decide the right platform for itself after considering its needs properly. If your business is looking for a Customer Relation Management platform, Salesforce can be the one for you. However, if your venture is looking for complete business management solutions, Servicenow can be the right platform. If considered appropriately, the right choice can be made.

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