Volleyball and basketball are prevalent sports with vital icons for entertainment. They differ in various ways, such as the game length, scoring system, and positioning of players in the field.

In case you are worried about finding out the difference between volleyball and basketball, then it is appropriate that you do not worry anymore.

This article will take you through their differences and make you well informed about these two sports for entertainment.

Comparison between volleyball and basketball

Volleyball entails six players in the court. Moreover, these numbers offer excellent support and contribute much to your team. Note that the significant positions of these players are;

• Weak hitter
• Two middle hitters
• Two power hitters
• The setter.

The role of the setter is to make the volleyball pass since this player is always in possession of a ball at the 2nd contact and authorizes it to an active player.
Two middle and power hitters have tasks that are similar on the court; they master the passes of setter’s and make appropriate moves. Middle heaters play a vital role in defense due to their skills of blocking and hitting.

On the other hand, basketball has five critical players on the court. The sport position entails.

• Center
• Power forward
• Small forward
• Shooting guard
• Point guard the offense leader of open shots.

The role of the shooting guards is to steal from their opponents. On the other hand, the small forwards are responsible for attacking the defense side through cutting as well as driving towards the basket. So you have to choose good pair of basketball shoes for great arch support and comfortable with cushioning. Additionally, the Center is for opposing and blocking shots.

In contrast, basketball has a time limit and set plays while there is absolutely no limited time and set of players for volleyball.
The volleyball competition continuous until you manage to score 25 points. However, they have to win with at least two valid points, or the game is prone to continuing until you achieve.

Volleyball is a better sport than basketball; this is because it has quality uniforms plus advanced skills.
Moreover, with volleyball, there is a net that enables you to stay with your team members while basketball; the opponents surround you.

The volleyball ball has a make of leather while the basketball has a make of synthetic rubber with numerous dents on the entire surface.

On the other hand, volleyball players are not supposed to drop down the ball, and in case you do, you are likely to lose a point while players of basketball can comfortably dribble their ball and shoot the ball at the hoop.


Based on the above comparison, you are now well familiarized with the contrasts between the basketball as well as volleyball.
Therefore, it is upon you to decide on what sport to opt for, that can appropriately meet your demands as well as needs effectively.
I hope that this article will help you understand the distinct differences between volleyball and basketball.

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