Thinking to build a website for business! Is it designed by a designer or developed by a developer? And got confused in terms of developer and designer? To clear confusion below is the difference.

Understanding terms, website developers, and website designers will build a site correctly, which will take your business on the right track of growth.

Design activity is usually related to graphic design. So, a web designer has a responsibility to take care of or handle the visual appearance of any website. Designers generally use designing tools like Photoshop to create visuals.


A Web Designer

Generally not require to code but should have knowledge of HTML or JavaScript as some time they need to handle client's website templates.

Have the knowledge to use Photoshop or other graphic design software.

Know the correct use of color, fonts, images, and other elements to create attractive website designs.

Also understand the demands of clients, to create designs for a particular business.

Design’s a website, such that it can be easy to use, and easy to identify routes to information.

The main attraction of anything is from the eye. A Designer has a great responsibly to put design elements, contents, color schemes, navigation, typography, visual appearance, user experience, and so on altogether. When a design gets ready, then the developer works starts.


A Web Developer or Programmer

A web developer works in Programming or development. They use programming languages to bring to life the design files. A web developer uses different codes such as HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS, to develop a website and its many features. These coding languages help the developer to integrate codes into the webserver to take the website online

Should have knowledge in programming languages to create a fully-functional website

They aren’t required to know the use of Photoshop or other graphic software

Actively work for problems that encounter on the website

Both designers and developers have different skillsets, but they have to work together to achieve the same goal.


Terms in Agency

As per the names, a web designing company is specialized in creating designs and a website development company elaborates the design elements. Both companies have the same goal to please their client. Some companies are looking for a project of a website or a project to re-design their existing website. Now it's time to define the need for creating a website and its purpose. If anyone is creating a website, they should first define their goals, as per goal the design and then development. Maintenance of the website is also important as per the time. The working company either a website development or website designing company needs to grow someday. So, they start functioning on both designing and development for the satisfaction of their client.


To compete with any website with other websites and to stand out in the industry, we need both a developer and a designer.

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