It is a famous saying of Ashfaq Ahmad that if a person kills his ego in front of one person then he has metaphorical love for that person but if he kills his ego in front of everyone, then it is a true state of love for God. Here the metaphorical love is defined as the worldly love that a person holds for his blood relations and for those people who are close to his heart. This kind of love stays in the world and does not create any spiritual bonding with the Lord. This kind of love is often two sided and is based on many benefits that a person may demand from the other. It can also last for a limited time, based on the expectations of both parties. Many poets have beautifully explained this love through their poetry and some of them have also declared that love as a false and fake love that is selfish and last for a short time period.

On the other hand, the true love for God remains eternaland immortal. The famous poetry of Bulleh Shah is full of the thoughts of spiritual things. According to a famous verse of Bulleh Shah, it is easy to make your God happy by singing just two songs but in order to make your loved one happy, you have to keep dancing all night. This shows how hard it is to please the creations of Allah Almighty and how easy it is to make our God happy by simply going in Sajda and crying for mercy. Allah always listen to the true prayers of a man this strong bonding between a person and his Creator shows the eternal example of Sufism.

Many examples of true love can be seen in our day to day life. When a pilgrim is standing in front of the Kaaba and seeking for mercy from Allah Almighty, then that true love of God can be seen in his eyes which is free from any fakeness of the world. For the convenience, the respected pilgrims have been seen taking the Packages in Ramadan Umrah 2017 London For Muslims.This true and pure form of love for God is also known as Ishq-e-Haqeeqi. This is the most sacred form of love that a person can have for his Lord. When you pray five times a day and bow down in Sajdah without any hypocrisy in your heart, then no other love of this world can match with this form of love.

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