Scotch whiskey, has an ancient tradition, an incomparable quality and is made from barley. The American Whiskey is relatively new, varies in its recipe, which uses maize and rye as raw material. Its manufacturers are trying new recipes and techniques and have made great advances in quality and flavor, and whiskey is more economical.

There are Whiskeys and Bourbons. The bourbon in addition to meeting various legal requirements, is basically made of at least 51% corn, aged in new barrels of white oak for two years, previously smoked and with no more than 160 proof.Other American whiskey, which does not Can boast the Bourbon denomination for its strict requirements, are whiskeys type Blend (several mixed whiskeys), Straight (not mixed or of a single distillery) and Rye Whiskey (mainly made of Centeno cereal).

What types of Bourbon are there?

The basic difference lies in the grains that are added other than maize (which is 70% to 80% of the total). Normally barley malt is added to aid the fermentation process, but wheat or rye cereals are added to flavor. Usually rye bourbon are drier and more aggressive in taste, but wheat bourbon is sweet and with a nutty taste.

What is the "Tennessee Whiskey"?

Tennessee whiskey is by the basic way of brewing a bourbon, although there are two major differences. The first is that by law you can only call bourbon the spirit of this type made in the state of Kentucky. Second in Tennessee, to give a touch and flavor more special and characteristic, at the end of the distillation process, the resulting spirit is passed through a Maple wood filter that gives it a softer, sweet and special taste. A perfect example is Jack Daniel's whiskey.

Are there special bourbons?

Of course, when a distiller is making a whiskey and intuits that for some special reason the result will be very good, then he separates several barrels to leave them aging a little more and make them more exceptional. If at the moment of bottling these bourbon, it is used "alone The liquid of a barrel "to fill a bottle, then it is called" Single Barrel Bourbon ", but if it is bottled several barrels of the same distillery are used, then it is called" Small Batch ".
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Scotch whiskey, has an ancient tradition, an incomparable quality and is made from barley.