There is always this specific website that everyone adores, it is beautiful to look at, easy to manage and has all the aspects that you would want it to have in a website. But, on closing the book do you ever wonder the people behind the wheels that makes it all possible? Yes, the people here are the web designers and web developers.
Not everyone is gifted or has the potential to figure out how web designing and web development works and they end up using it interchangeably or assume it is more or less likely the same. Well, the confusion here in comprehensible, both web designing and web development are a family of the website building process. While, web designing assume the role of a designer by designing things that determine how the site looks and its usability and all the visual elements before handing it to the web developers to develop it. Serving our satisfaction are web designers who are always on a look-out for the latest design or web application trends. Since their role is to visualise the website and to make sure it appears as alluring as possible they use different colour theory, graphic designs, information flow all though tools such as AdodePhotoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and so on. The key role is that both web designing and web development keeps a focus on the customer interaction or the end user.
Building a website is like building a house, the one who designs and the one who builds. While web designers assume the role of an architect with their plan and designs, the builders are the ones who brings to life the idea, the design. And web development do not fall any short behind, they bring to life the design files with their programming tools or languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP. The confusion here is that web development which build the website is also responsible for the front-end as did web designing, but that is not all. Web development as we know is divided into two sub categories; the front-end and the back-end. The front end role of both the website building process is what connects them or confuses them. The back-ends are like the backbone of the website, web developers can sometimes have a little knowledge of both or can also be well-versed in both. The back-ends are the ones who control the server data and requests through tools such as PHP or ASP.Net to which the databases queries gets written by languages such as SQL or MySQL .However, in the recent times, web developers may choose to utilize something more expedient such as Content Management System or CMS with WordPress which is a free and open souce CMS being a primary example.
To compute the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ a gift can be argumentative but in the world of website building it is crucial to be both the jack and also the master. Fullstack developers are the infrequent types who specializes and has knowledge of both web designing and web development.To determine which among the two plays a more crucial role should be better off unasumed. Both web designing and web development are crucially important to build a website and would be in non-existent without one or the other. A designer may build the most beautiful designs or house, cloths, or ideas but behind all that is someone or the other who brings to life and likewise, hence both are equally important in their differences.

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There is always this specific website that everyone adores, it is beautiful to look at, easy to manage and has all the aspects that you would want it