When it comes to educational courses, fashion designing is a popular choice among many young students. But for parents who are skeptical about the career opportunities in designing, we have compiled a list of the top professions in this field.

Designers in any field, go through a lot of training to imbibe that thought process and to become experts in developing new ideas and deriving concepts. Thus, a lot of fields and job prospects open up for them. Designers are inherently creative people, and so they can put their minds to any venture and it is going to be successful! Let's take a look at some of the career options and job prospects after pursuing fashion design!


This is the most obvious career option for student graduates from an INIFD fashion design institute in Pune. Fashion designers create original clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and more. They sketch the designs, select fabrics, patterns and textures, and style outfits and looks. Students are actively trained to be a professional fashion designer. In India, designers are mostly related to Bollywood and glamour field.


This is one of the best and well-paid job profiles, and also the most challenging. The main job is to pick the right outfit for the client from the client's personal wardrobe or from a designer's collection. The stylist must ensure the outfit suits the client's public image, body type, the kind of occasion the dress is getting selected for, etc. Stylists also suggest the kind of makeup, accessories and hairstyles to make the overall look a success. Movie stars and other celebrities hire fashion stylists for red carpet appearances and other professional events.


In the course, students are also taught about different textiles and their unique characteristics. Because of this special training, graduates can also choose to become textile designers. They are responsible for designing 2D patterns for different kinds of fabrics. These fabrics can be used to make clothes or in interiors for furnishing. Textile designers can work independently or as part of a design team in both industrial and non-industrial settings. They must keep up with all the technological advancements and new innovations in fabrics and materials.


In recent years, jewelry designing and footwear designing have emerged as high-profile design jobs. Both jewelry and branded footwear are very costly items in monetary terms. When consumers are paying a huge price, they expect some uniquely designed products. This is why jewelry and footwear designing are currently very lucrative fields to get into. For people who are trained in fashion design, the chance to create for jewelry and footwear is quite exciting.


If you have good writing skills, graduates can also choose to work in a fashion magazine or become an independent fashion blogger. There are several magazines out there which are always looking for fresh new talent. Fashion editors and bloggers can earn quite a lot of money for their fresh and honest opinions on current fashion trends and their invaluable tips and hacks. As a blogger, you can also generate content on social media through videos or blog posts. It is a great opportunity to work independently. Bloggers must have a unique and individual voice to build a loyal base of followers. Fashion influencers on platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram can earn a lot based on their views, likes, and subscribers.

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