Are you unhappy over the choices you have made or are making? Do you live with guilt and regret because of those choices? Too often we allow the choices we make control our lives through the feelings they cause. We live with self-criticism and at times loath ourselves. For some, the guilt and pain of the past and present cause feelings of unworthiness. It is these feelings that will cause you to push against anything or anyone good that comes into your life as a form of self punishment. You will destroy your own happiness because you do not feel worthy. There are others who will engage in self-sabotaging behaviors in an effort to avoid the pain of the choices they made. It is a non-ending cycle of suffering when you continue to make the same choices. It will not stop until you make different choices.

Most of us have made bad choices at one time or another but those choices live in the past so they are no longer relevant. The concern lies with the choices that are being made now. The choices you know in your heart are “wrong”. The ones that cause you to feel sadness, guilt, anxiety, remorse, or worse yet, cause you to be someone you are not. If you feel any level of negativity or discomfort when making a choice or following through with that choice, you are stepping away from who you really are. You are not following your heart and you are not being true to yourself.

The first step in changing anything negative is acceptance. If you cannot accept where and who you are, how will you be able to move forward? Life will become a struggle and there will be a constant battle within your body, mind and soul. When you are not in acceptance you cannot feel worthy and if you do not feel worthy you cannot move forward. Accept the choices that have already been made and make peace with them and with yourself. Nothing can be done to change what has already happened, but many things can be done to change what will happen. Every choice you make is a step toward what lies ahead. Eventually your choices will catch up to you – good or bad because you are the creator of your reality.

You are the only one who knows your truth. You are the only one who knows which choices cause you pain and suffering. You are the only one who knows who you truly are, who you pretend to be, and how many demons you hold inside from the choices you are making. You are the only one who knows what those choices are and how much they are destroying you. You are the only one who can change all of this, just by making a different choice. Choose to be honest versus dishonest. Choose to quit smoking, drinking or doing drugs. Choose to stop over-eating and exercise more. Choose to put your happiness ahead of everyone else’s. Choose to take care of yourself first. Choose to love yourself. Choose love over fear because love will always win no matter what! Love the choices you are now going to make for different choices will create a happier life.

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I am a Personal Development Life Coach. My knowledge and expertise comes from 25 years of study and experience. I have helped others through life’s most challenging obstacles such as fear, depression, addictions, and relationship transitions. Through my own life changing experiences and education, I am able to see what others sometimes can’t, bringing to light what holds them back from living the life they want to live. Please feel free to visit me at for more information.