Men rings are made from different metals and materials. In same manner, Damascus rings for men are made from gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel materials. How far these ring materials is effective in their looks and usage, below is their information:

Gold material used in men rings

Mostly mens Damascus ring are made from Gold material. It is the first and also last one material which is mostly preferred by men while buying rings. Gold has its own cultural power. Gold rings are available in three basic shades and they are basic gold color, white gold and last one is rose gold. Note that Pure gold is always yellowish and white gold has been alloyed with nickel or with
manganese. They are white metals. Rose gold is mostly alloyed with the metal copper so that reddish tinge and tone can be given to the rings.

Silver metal used in men rings

This silver material is a cheaper alternative and cheaper option to gold. It is bright in its tone and also shiny. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver in terms of weight. Copper is alloyed with silver so that more strength can be given to silver. Pure silver rings get easily scratched. They are slightly heavier rings and they are too easier to scratch.

Platinum material used in rings

It is a precious metal. It is measured and weighed in karats. Note that 24k platinum is 99.9% pure and 18k platinum is about 75% pure. It is one of the high-status metals.

Stainless steel rings

Damascus steel rings are popular choices of men as well. They are affordable. You can buy marine stainless steel rings or surgical stainless steel rings because they have high resistance and can stand against corrosion.

Rings made from titanium

They are light weight ring. These titanimum made rings are sold in the colors of black and gold, and too in copper tones. These rings are more durable and shows hypoallergenic nature. They are resistant to water.

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