Some people are allergic to their jewelry, some chemicals and many other things apart from food. Among different types of metallic allergy, one Nickel Allergy is very famous. Nickel Allergy symptoms are commonly observed in our earrings. Nickel Allergy symptoms are related with the wearing of jewelry especially in the body piercing area. We can find nickel in our day to day life as it is found in various items in our daily life. We find nickel in coins, eye glass frames, watch bands, necklace clasps and many other things of our daily life.
People of every age group may suffer from the Nickel Allergy Symptoms. If you are allergic to nickel, then you have to avoid coming in contact with this metal. If any person is allergic to nickel and if he or she is exposed to that nickel containing item then within 12 – 48 hours that person will suffer from nickel allergy symptoms. Some of the important symptoms of nickel allergy are:
• A little bit severe type of itching
• Rashes and bumps on the skin
• In some severe cases, you may suffer from blisters and drain of fluid
• Changes in the skin of color, it may appear reddish
• Appearance of a dry patches, which resembles very closely to burn
If you are allergic to nickel and if you come in contact with it along with your sweating body then you may suffer from the worst symptoms. So it is necessary to keep proper care of your body by avoiding exposure to nickel or in emergency case you may have to take some emergency treatment.
In the same way some people are allergic to the chemical chlorine. It is the chemical which are widely used in our home as well as in industries. A person shows chlorine allergy symptoms, when his or her immune system overreacts with the substance containing chlorine. Some of the important symptoms of chlorine are watery eyes, skin dryness and itching, nausea, problems in respiration and some others. Though chlorine allergy symptoms are usually not persistent but you should immediately consult to a doctor in order to avoid any type of complication. Generally it is an irritant, so you must wash your part of body as soon as it comes in contact and apply some soothing cream over it. Skin dryness is one of the common chlorine allergy symptoms, if any one comes in contact with the chlorine.

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