Once you are in the software development field, you will come across a variety of development methodologies followed while developing any software project. This methodology refers to processes used to plan the strategies for software development. A software methodology used in one project may or may not be suited to another project. Each software methodology may have its own strengths and drawbacks. There are a variety of software approaches developed over time, which are well-matched to specific kind of projects. Read on to learn a few points on the various methodologies developed.

Waterfall Method: In waterfall method, which is the oldest software development methodology the software development stages are performed in a sequential manner to ensure the quality and reliability of the software. Even though this model provides complete documentation, over quality software and also the work is being done in stages, the waterfall methodology is cumbersome and slow in approach. The basic principles applied here is that the project is divided into different phases, which are sequential in nature. There is stress given on planning and implementation of the overall system and a firm control is maintained on the overall life of the project.

Prototyping Method: Software prototyping refers to creation of incomplete models of the software program during the software development process which may be different from the final product. Prototyping helps the software users to evaluate the software during the design stage before actually trying them out. In this model, the users are thoroughly involved in the software development process, which increases their acceptance of the final implementation. It also helps the users to understand the business problem, which is necessary to avoid solving the wrong problem.

Incremental Development Method: Incremental software development methodology involves breaking the project into small section, so as to make the change simplified during the development process.

Spiral Methodology: In this methodology various steps are staged for manifold deliveries. Spiral methodology works on the principle that the team is able to start small and help from the trial and error method.

Rapid application development: Rapid application development (RAD) refers to speedy development and delivery of best quality results at a relatively low investment cost. Rapid application development is a software development methodology that involves nominal planning, thus the software can be written in much shorter time. RAD takes benefit of preset tools and techniques to streamline the process of building information systems. Rapid Application Development has four important features: methodology, people, management, and tools.Development would be slow, If any one of these ingredients is insufficient.

Extreme Programming: Extreme Programming is based on values of simplicity, admiration, communication, advice, and guts. In this changes are implemented as per the customer’s suggestion.

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