Car Insurance is an integral document for an owner as far as the safety is concerned. It offers a sense of financial cover in the event of an unfortunate incident involving your car. Insurance firms in India basically offer two types of motor policies – comprehensive and third party. The third-party insurance is very economical and offers coverage only for third-party damages whereas the comprehensive insurance policy provides much better coverage and obviously, the price is on the higher side. There are multiple aspects which have a critical say in choosing the best car insurance scheme for you. The first concern emanates from the dilemma of whether to opt for a third-party car insurance or a comprehensive car insurance scheme. The comprehensive motor policy is favoured by many as it offers coverage for both damages suffered personally and third-party liabilities. The third-party motor insurance on the other hand does not cover personal damages. The following summary offers you a detailed study of the different type of car insurances.
Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
As indicated by its name, the policy provides complete protection against damages suffered by both the parties involved in a mishap. The policy is expansive and includes damages endured by the vehicle, theft, legal liability to third-party cover along with coverage for personal accidents. The motor insurance can further be enhanced by preferring the add-ons that comprises accessories cover, hospitalization expenses, engine protector, zero depreciation cover, etc. This particular insurance cover is quite popular as it provides complete bandwidth or end-to-end protection thereby offering a stress-free scheme for the policyholder. The absence of a comprehensive cover policy puts you under the peril of meeting the excruciating expenses you might have to endure if you are involved in the accident. This also explains the fact why comprehensive insurance policy is expensive than the standalone third-party insurance cover. The other aspects included in comprehensive motor policy are natural disasters, vandalism, damage inflicted by animals and fire accidents causing damage to your car dealers in Delhi.
Third-Party Car Insurance Policy
Third-party motor insurance provides coverage against any form of legal liability caused to a third party due to your fault or driving negligence. It offers protection on any type of damage or injury inflicted by the insured party to other individual or property. Third-party liability coverage is compulsory in India in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. There is no well-defined limit on the liability coverage for the fatality or the injuries suffered of a third party involved in the accident. But the liability coverage for the affected property’s damages endured by a third party is limited at Rs.7.5 lakhs. The third-party insurance policy gives coverage to the owner due to fatality or injury to any person or any damage inflicted on the property by the insured vehicle for car seller and buyer Delhi. The regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act specify that a third-party claim can be made under the classification of “no fault liability claims”, a circumstance in which the claimant is not bound by instruction to reasonably charge and prove negligence on the part of the car which triggered the accident or “fault liability claims”.
Major differences between Comprehensive and Third-Party cover
Car value: When the valuation of the vehicle is less, smartly choosing the third-party insurance policy as the repairs due to the damages suffered can be handled cost-effectively. The amount involved in paying for the repairs is low in comparison to the high premiums associated with the comprehensive cover. If the car is new, it would be prudent to go for the comprehensive policy.
Extent of Coverage: The third-party insurance offers coverage to the damages of the third-party vehicle or property, excluding any form of coverage to the damages endured by your own vehicle.
Economics: As the comprehensive policy offers coverage for a range of damages and losses for both the parties it is highly priced than a third-party insurance cover using CarkiDeal car services.

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